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Open Post ☼ 00 | ❝A courtesy call...❞

Badra Samar (Final Fantasy XIV)
hopefully not homeless forever...
open to AUs
Thancred (Final Fantasy XIV)
homeless forever...
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Y'akeno Lhea (Final Fantasy XIV)
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Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)
previously played at ilpromenade, abaxcity, and destinystrings
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Riku (Kingdom Hearts)
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Riku Replica/Ira (Kingdom Hearts)
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Mickey Mouse (Kingdom Hearts)
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Naminé (Kingdom Hearts)
forever homeless...
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Yu Narukami (Persona 4)
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Mickey - post Animus!AU, I hope that's okay?

[personal profile] justabignobody 2013-08-08 08:29 am (UTC)(link)
[The last few days have been a row of surreal events - liberating the tower and all that had followed that, coming back to confront Roxas and convincing Roxas to come with him rather than to fight, then returning to Hollow Bastion castle... Riku's already had one minor breakdown, when he had discovered that Highwind is still with him, that at least that one companion from the tower has not left his side.

For all that he feels almost mad and utterly separate from the worlds around him, a piece of the puzzle that was bent out of shape and now tries to fit and just can't... in Highwind he has proof. It's really all happened, the worlds had been destroyed and restored again and the only one aware of it in this set is himself. Nobody else knows about the two and a half years that have passed and they wouldn't either by just glancing at Riku - he is back in his original body now, just a little bit smaller and his hair a lot longer than he has taken to wearing it in the tower over the last year - but anyone who knows him a little better just might spot the differences, the shadows in his eyes, now visible that the blindfold is gone, the way his steps have lost the last traces of teenage slouch that had remained and there is absolutely no hiding that his fighting style has changed. He can't hide the year and a half he's been trained by Terra and he'd never want to anyways.

There is purpose in his step and there is purpose to his return to the forests of Twilight Town, he has left Roxas behind in Hollow Bastion so he can think about what he's been told, so that he can make a choice for himself (even if there are only bad choices for him to make probably, even if there really isn't any choice at all because they need Sora to awaken and they are running out of time) and so that Riku can reconnect to someone who needs to be told, who needs to know what had occurred.

Whom he needs to see to figure out what to do next, because Riku has messed up again, has changed everything by refusing to fight Roxas, had done so without planning ahead, and now it's like he's in free fall and without powers except that the worlds won't allow redoes, like the tower did. Oh, he really regrets not asking Naminé for the details of her universe now.

Because now all that's left is hoping he'll be able to find the King where he's last seen him.]

Your Majesty?
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More than okay, pal! Just warning you that I may be slow for a bit!

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[He'd decided to stay around Twilight Town for some time, since it had sounded like despite the cost that might come, he may have to fulfill his promise to Riku rather soon. Yet, the longer he sat on it, the more it bothered him. There were too many holes in this plan - something that didn't sit right despite there being "no other way" since they were running out of time.

But what's more, he should have seen it in the stars, like Master Yen Sid had taught him, had something happened to his friend. A twinkle, maybe an unexpected blink or fading out if the worst happened. Yet nothing did, and it made him start to wonder.

'Did he find who he was lookin' for? Or did-'

That's when he picked up the sound of grass crunching underneath feet and, realizing he'd crossed his arms as he contemplated things, quickly corrected himself as he spun around. After the last year, he'd gotten used to being on guard, but that voice--]


[oh my gosh you're oka-

... The words die out when the mouse-king gets a better look at his longtime pal, squinting. Because pal, last time he saw you you were wearing a blindfold because your eyes couldn't lie.]

What happened? [His tail flicks a little, concern crossing his features.You look like you've lived through a few years, man.]

That's okay! (cozy)

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It's okay!

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[Aqua's visit to Kauai was a fun-filled one. The Pelekais made sure the keybearer had a memorable visit, taking her to the beaches while Stitch taught her all about surfing, hula dancing, and the soulful tunes of the King. But nothing lasts forever and Aqua had to leave to go to the next world. Stitch was terribly saddened by this, already considering the blue-haired woman as part of their growing ohana. Upon Lilo's insistence, the little alien decided to prepare a few gifts that Aqua can take on her journey.

When he was finally ready, Stitch gently tugs Aqua's hand to get her attention, nudging it with his furry head.]

Aqua...? Not busy?

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gomen for the late <3

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[It was a fun time under the Hawaiian sun, and something she greatly appreciated despite a little flailing on her own end. Really, they didn't have to go to great links; she was only glad that the little blue menace who she considered part of her circle of friends had found his own little family and thought it was enough. Though maybe that's her humble streak talking. Yet she knew she couldn't stay forever. She was a Master, and there were dangers out there she needed to face so they could continue their (relatively) peaceful lives.

The little nudge pulls her attention from her thoughts to the present, and she smiles a little at her friend, shaking her head.]

What is it, Stitch?

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randomize me captain!

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[...that's strange. It looks like a little horse but there's a few odd things about her. Like her hair and she's wearing a shirt like a human would. Kind of odd that those things are the bigger concern rather than the horn on her forehead.

The...unicorn is fast asleep and doesn't even have a clue that someone is nearby.]
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So, Narukami-kun

[personal profile] earthshards 2013-08-08 09:53 pm (UTC)(link)
[It might be better to not ask how he found a way to your world after that hell they went through in the Tower and finally went home. But suffice to say, this Judgement link did find a way to do it.

One of the first things he did upon arriving in Tokyo was actually get a change of clothes. And a haircut. Because that was a much needed thing. So despite his blue eyes, he actually blends in almost perfectly.

He's pretty much minding his own business atm, though he's wondering who it is on this world that he knows. It could really be anyone.]
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[Well, it wasn't like he was expecting it, having already having to dismiss the most major reason why he clung to his parents soon after spotting them for a brief period of time. No one remembered the Tower, no one was ever going to remember or know why he sometimes awoke with a start or had averse reactions to certain things. That was what that time had allotted them, in a time no one remembered...

However when he felt a slight tug, a vague notion of someone wanting to visit in the middle of the night, it almost seemed like a welcomed relief. Dreams of old familiar faces doing the craziest things and the stirrings of a strong bond were always kind, but the sudden nudge from Lucifer made him pause.


Were it not for knowing that face so well from what he normally treated as a terrible nightmare, he likely would not have noticed so well in the crowd. Thus when he sees him across the street, he takes the crosswalk quickly with the others in an attempt to catch up.]


[how da fuq did you-]
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Hey Yu Hey

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[A common place, a common time, and listening to a glorious buffoon speak. Sigh. So much wasted potential, there... Xehanort really doesn't feel like squandering his time in such a fashion, he's heard it all before. Ganondorf is really something of a broken record that gets stuck on its outer ring until it gets the final word. There's better things to do, after all...

And thus he paces down the hall at his normal pace, hands clasped behind his back, pondering what he needed to take care of next.]
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Hey Papa Hey

[personal profile] pitiedthefool 2013-08-16 11:19 am (UTC)(link)
[Sounds like every Tuesday in this place, to which Yu waves at the opportunity as he passes by for, you know, actually doing things and causing mayhem for the administration. Ganondorf being a broken record and suffering. Yep, sounded accurate.

Though as he went through his daily rounds, there was one face that he didn't expect.]

...Xehanort. [Welp. Sure is glad Alice is being particularly loud today.]

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super la- ROOD

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awww yisss

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#Taka feels punches himself again

[personal profile] withthisherringseal 2013-09-03 11:52 am (UTC)(link)
[> ...Well. Doesn't this seem familiar.

> The boy is there, standing only a few feet away from the shore again, staring right out into the distance. It's almost as if he were expecting something different to happen eventually -- and yet, it never does. Then again, there never really was much to do at a place like the Dark Margin.

> ...

> There doesn't seem to be anyone else around, either.]
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#twi is late news at elephant

[personal profile] followthehearts 2013-11-19 02:42 pm (UTC)(link)

[> There is a voice from behind you.

> Looking behind you, there is a familiar girl with light blue hair waving slightly as she walks toward the shore.]

Late is relative 8U

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Aqua ~ Come on, we both know what this is.

[personal profile] cerebrallycalm 2013-10-24 11:01 pm (UTC)(link)
[ With the school under way, the students requested the time to visit the beach in celebration. Despite his inability to movie, Charles had agreed. A few hours later they were at the beach in New Jersey. Some elected to stay behind due to their mutant abilities, and he could hardly blame them. He simply felt that the others needed his presence at the beach more than those at home.

So, there Charles sits at the edge of the beach in his wheelchair simply watching with a smile on his face. It's been some time since the confrontation between him and Erik. He knows that it'll come eventually--on the horizon--but for now he is content to simply wait for that future. His students and other mutants need his help now. ]
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aw yiiiis

[personal profile] destinedwaters 2013-10-24 11:32 pm (UTC)(link)
[It wasn't often she came to the beach, but the weather was just so nice that she couldn't help but want to tag along. Besides, rambunctious teenagers and kids on beach?

Needs more than one supervisor.

Also maybe she's just pretending to sneak up on her old friend. For the lulz.]

You know... I could have helped you move on the sand a little easier.

[ shooshpaps and sobs ]

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[ holds tight ;; ]

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[ clings to ;; ]

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any keyderp - oh lord this is gonna be bad

[personal profile] thelionhearts 2013-10-25 12:04 am (UTC)(link)
[ Radiant Garden is the same as always--well, since it the name has been restored and the whole ordeal was over with. They're continuing to rebuild and try to bring back what their world used to be. Except better, Leon thinks. This time there won't be any need for discovering darkness or opening keyholes.

Some days it is insane with everyone nagging for his attention. He'll try to pass it to Cid, but the old man (who isn't that old) just grumps and tells him to deal with it. Aerith tries to help, but sometimes Yuffie is just bouncing off the walls and the three duck kids just nag him for information on when the market will be up so they can expand their business. It's usually the same answer and people are tired of the "...Soon. We've got other things going on." There's not much else he can tell them.

On those days, he goes to the bailey and just swings his gunblade a few times. It helps clear out his head. Not to mention the piece and quiet it brings for a few hours. He has to wonder why he got put in charge of the whole thing, but, there's no real use in complaining. There is plenty of time for facepalming though. ]
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all aboard the awkward train choo choo

[personal profile] risingland 2013-10-25 12:22 am (UTC)(link)
[It had been some time since he had been to this world. Back then, he had still not been himself - not really. Those days were long gone, now; made way in time for restoration and rebuilding. And maybe, just maybe, with this newly found power he could help do just that.

But what is ever purposely making his presence known to Sora's friends?

... At least the glint of silver coming from below where Leon stood that did not belong to his gunblade would be easy to see, or the Firaga spell setting one of the very few Heartless that yet lingered in this world. And was that a Keyblade that the youth was wielding?]

I can pretend this yes.

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yeeeeey ;n;

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Yu because he totally needs to swag another girl rite

[personal profile] dclass 2013-10-31 09:41 pm (UTC)(link)
[So there's a transfer student around at Yasogami High. Brunette, talk of the town for her looks, her natural talent for singing, and her having taken the music club by storm, but seems to keep to herself more often than not. Sound familiar yet?

Well, it should, considering that one of his friends had basically gotten a boatload of attention for at least one of those things...nevertheless, he'll find her heading out of the music club -- and she looks a tad worse for wear, enough to not notice where she's headed.]
trademark_skull: (Worst sneaking)

Any sort of XIV character would be amusing, for reasons. But really open to any? Or more than one |D

[personal profile] trademark_skull 2013-11-11 04:23 am (UTC)(link)
[...This was not where the dimensional guide was supposed to send him. This was some kind of joke, right?]

[Although there was no portal to lead back home either, oh no...]

H-hey! [Emizel tried stepping away from his situation, regardless. Doing a terrible job at trying not to sound panic. This was not a way a great, powerful demon in training is supposed to act, nooope.]

[Then again, he still didn't even know what could possibly be nearby, in this world, whatever. Maybe it wasn't as bad as he thought.]
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hm, nah; i'll only go with this one for right now... :3

[personal profile] ofsongandstrings 2013-11-17 11:38 pm (UTC)(link)
[ there are many things y'akeno would consider peculiar. most of which she has become accustomed to, like suddenly mothercrystal. sudden kid in green...whatever that was appearing out of nowhere?

that was new. mostly the garments, though. what was the short cowl and better yet, who is this strange kid??? ]

Aye? What is it?

Works for me!

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Animus!Yu, meet fac!Chie

[personal profile] kickymeat 2013-12-08 05:47 am (UTC)(link)
Ending up somewhere new wasn't really a surprise for Chie anymore. Her life had, oddly enough turned into that the moment she woke up in a particular space station. After the crash, Chie didn't think she would wake up again. She's more baffled than anything else that she's waking up somewhere very familiar. The TV world.

"..Huh?" Falls from her lips as she moves to stand up on shaky legs. She pats her pockets, finding her glasses and sliding them into place to clear the familiar fog from her vision. It's what she remembered, be it much quieter than expected.

"Teddie?" She ventures, half hoping that bear will pop up and excitedly chatter at her about scoring. After not seeing him for so long, she'd gladly accept it. She'd even accept just being some, knock off Chie that lives with Teddie. The thought of going back to the station makes her stomach churn uncomfortably. She drops the thought to go poking around.
pitiedthefool: (curious ⚡ crack open my secret)

[personal profile] pitiedthefool 2013-12-08 06:04 am (UTC)(link)
With all the twists and turns the Tower once held, it was of little to no surprise that he once again found himself back in this barren world. Perhaps this is why he wandered through the usual TV screen, simply standing where the blue door only he could see once resided. Waiting, contemplating what was to come...

At least, until he heard a voice. A familiar one, and one he hadn't heard in months.

"...Eh?" It escaped from his lips before he even realized it, could have sworn that it was just another shadow. But then, even the shadows seemed to have been...

He shook his head, but the calling of one of their other friend's names makes him acknowledge her more clearly. "...Chie? Is that you?"

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oh badra....

[personal profile] fons_et_origo 2014-01-21 11:10 am (UTC)(link)
[This had been a very long walk, what had seemed an endless stretch of darkness in the corridor. Curiosity had gotten the better of him... detours were to be found here and there, after all. Even if in the end he did not remember... he had the means now, and he meant to enjoy it while he could.

A world unlike the others he'd seen... he'd been confined to a narrow selection of worlds, chasing after himself through time. It was nice to find something that maybe he hadn't seen through older eyes. Something that could be his.

Trees, a forest. Endless woods, with a slight breeze... sounds familiar and unfamiliar. Animals, he was certain, though when he turned to look it became apparent that the wildlife was aggressive. Reaching for his blades, he flicked them into life and dropped into a ready stance

spinning the hands of the clock backwards

the creature was back where it had been scant seconds ago, and he was upon it before it realized what had transpired, swiping at it as he dashed past before pausing to summoning the flames of Raging Storm for his return pass.]
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oh bratface...

[personal profile] summonthewill 2014-01-21 07:00 pm (UTC)(link)
[Ah, the sounds of a battle being raged against the local fauna - sounds that she was quite used to. Even the black coat does not, at first, seem outlandish. One of the many guilds she has visited in her adventures worse similar ones - though admittedly, zippers were a thing that she had yet to see even in Garlean uniforms.

Yet she remained behind one of the many trees, at first observing. A dual-bladed gladiator...? No, that did not seem correct. Rather, he seemed much like a-

Was that time magicks?

...That was definitely time magick.

She furrows her brow a moment, before deciding to lend a hand - despite the slight twinge of a headache coming on. Though really, the first he likely sees is a woman with dark skin in rather peculiar garb as the light of a summoning circle arises from beneath her feet as she scratches the surface of her tome with a feather quill.]

Lord of the Inferno, hearken unto my plea. Feed upon my rage and be reborn!

[The Ifrit Egi springs to life at its calling, a feral growl escaping it before it hovers in the air towards the beasts, slashing it with claw and fire.]


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OOPS keke

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callmewhateveryuwant: (Back)

Let's do this: Animus Bowlcut Meets Rekindle Bowlcut?

[personal profile] callmewhateveryuwant 2014-01-21 06:54 pm (UTC)(link)
It was always quiet in the city of Saeng Seong in the wee hours of the morning. And by 'wee hours' I mean about three am. Sometimes it could be a little unnerving for those who cannot sleep and have too many questions on their mind. One of them was a certain Wild Card who was just confused on what to do in this world. He had a job, talked and spent time with friends, kept up the physical contact, and overall did everything like the city was his home. Was it bad to think like that? Perhaps being one of the first visitors had started to take a toll on him and he didn't realize it yet. When was he one to let a mystery go and join the masses in staying peaceful and not trying to find a way home?

When did he stop looking for the truth?

He quietly left his apartment and the building and called upon Izanagi where he thought it would be a good spot to do it. The towering persona stared down at him before getting on one knee, letting Yu climb on his back. Maybe a ride around the safe areas in the city would help clear his mind...

And possibly not scare off anyone who was up at this time of night.
pitiedthefool: (concern ⚡ this confusion)

this doth ring with legitimacy

[personal profile] pitiedthefool 2014-01-21 07:28 pm (UTC)(link)
A "little unnerving" didn't even begin to cover it for another person who found himself unable to sleep, wandering the city streets as he sorted out his thoughts. To be honest, part of him still wondered if this was only one of the Admin's tricks - it wouldn't be the first time he found an illusion to be just as "real" as reality, nor would it likely be the last.

The collar was still around his neck after all, only hidden by his now-tattered shirt collar.

Yet that didn't seem right, the longer he thought on it. Even though the "waking up in a bed with a note on the table next to it" cliche was getting old. At least it wasn't white or clinical. The main point was there were no "glitches" in said glamour, which there would have been one at this point--

...Was that the familiar glow of yellow eyes he saw in the distance?


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whee late i am gomen

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Thancred, bro.

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['Talen' would've had to have been blind, insensitive, and from before any of the hardships that he had lived through in order to miss the look that had been in his fellow Scion's eyes after the mess at the Praetorium.

He shuddered, remembering the devastating power of the Ultima spell and how close the Crystalborn free company had come to demise.

Saving Thancred had been a nice bonus, even if Terra still wasn't sure how it had happened. The major players in the Crystalborn had been the ones to do it, and he had felt the pull on his heart - on his Light - and the surge of it as the darkness that had been Lahabrea had been driven out, but he'd been so busy running once the explosions started that he hadn't had the time to think about how the deed had been done. The celebration afterwards had been nice, but the interruption that had been the roar of something very big had pushed all feelings of celebration out of the minds of those present.

But now that the Scions had returned to the Waking Sands, and things had calmed down somewhat, he could actually do something.

So, he hangs around the leisure area long enough for the rest of the Crystalborn to clear out, nursing a strong drink as he waits. When it's finally just him and a few other Scions, he puts his glass down, walks into the hallway, and spots the bard just outside of the solar.

Seems like this is about as good an opening as he's going to get. He gives the other man a small wave to get his attention.]
Hey. Can we talk?
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Ah, the multi-talented g- you know what, just look at the tag for the humor.

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There were many things his wit could cover. Many were the moons and summers that he had charmed others with his words and lived carefree regardless of the responsibility he had taken upon himself. One must always find joy in ones work, lest ye become as tiring and boorish as plants in desert sands are scorched by the relentless sun.


Yet after many reassurances to their fellow Scions and he was alright, albeit more drained than he'd been on one of his many excursions entertaining a lady or two in the desert oasis that is Ul'dah, he found himself in the back once more, leaning back against the cool brick walls of their home with far too many thoughts going through his head at once for his liking. Thus, he was also lightly bopping his head against said brick and stone walls.

For how long had he...?

... Thunk.

No. No. Dwelling on it would not avail an answer. He had to rest, pull himself together again and recover as their Baldesian colleagues had suggested.


At least, until he heard footsteps approaching - and a familiar voice besides.]

Ah, Talen; the young multi-talented gladiator with a certain... penchant for finding oneself in yet another disturbance. [He manages a faint if not tired smirk.] For one who aided our brother and sister Scions in their bold endeavors? I believe I can spare a bell or two.

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Y'akeno /o/

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[Eorzea is not unaccustomed to strangers. After all, even without visits from strange knights and sorceresses, there's a good number of adventurers aren't from Eorzea. Still, even then they usually manage to be from places a good deal closer to home than this traveler happens to be.

(Somewhere in Gridania proper, there is a strange blue box, tucked in a corner that is at least mostly out of the way. Enough to not draw too many strange eyes to the fact that it does look so badly out of place.)

Still, he doesn't mind new places. He never has, and if this is a place he's never heard of, then that's just one more adventure to be had. He is, however, getting a great deal of strange looks as he wanders unhurriedly through Gridania. His choice of clothes is quite outlandish by Eorzean standards - to say nothing of that absolutely preposterous scarf - and to make matters even more unusual he doesn't even seem to have a weapon on his person, which rather limits the methods by how he might have gotten to Gridania in the first place. But he doesn't much seem to be too terribly bothered. Sooner or later something interesting will turn up. It's how things always seem to go, in his experience.]
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[Given to the fact that she too finds fun in wearing the most outlandish things, she doesn't seem to mind most people in the queerest of garbs. (In fact, sometimes she even takes ideas from them when she feels she can replicate it with fabrics or leather.) It's just another day in the life of runt-of-the-litter turned adventurer and trying on all the goofy hats (yes, even the horse ones) she can find!

In fact, she's looking at one she just recently picked up from a vendor at Mih Khetto's Ampitheatre when something very red and brown catches her eye.

...What in the realms was that scarf and where can she find one; it is gorgeous!

Though wait... did he not have a weapon? That's weird. She knows she hasn't seen this fellow around before, and he definitely isn't a local. In fact she's pretty sure she's never seen a Hyur dress this way before.

Well, might as well say hello to contrast the stinkeyes the elezen are giving him! Thus she bounds up, hands clenched behind her back before she waves enthusiastically.]

Hello there! Are you newly come to Gridania?


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no worries!

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a miquo'te and a brat walk into a snowy hellhole...

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[For an island kid, this snow sure is terrible. He huddles in his black coat and tries not to look petulant. Not all worlds are going to be wonderful and temperate, after all... though there's an air of doom and gloom about the place that sets him ill at ease.

He turns to Y'akeno, managing to limit his expression to one of dull curiosity. He has a feeling he's going to regret being here.]

Where are we?
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Re: a miquo'te and a brat walk into a snowy hellhole...

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[He isn't the only one. For a forest girl who lived close to the desert border of Thanalan most of her life, this was definitely pushing the limits of comfort. It's no wonder why she herself is bundled up in woolen clothing, a leather mask shielding her face from the cold breeze.]

Coerthas Highlands. [She says with a bit of a shiver, her own stutter sounding almost like a hiss.] And somewhere in this sssnowy wonderland is an airship I needs locate.

[...Amidst a many an asshole to outsider and kin alike.]
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Helloooo terrible life decision

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[Errand missions, they really were the worse. It was kinda an excuse to get out of Waking Sands for a bit sure, but it was a little restricted on freedom. Then again, at least she wasn't being sent pretty much across the world to pick something up again. Let's keep it in the desert kthnxbye.]

[...This package did look a little funny though. Hopefully they actually gave Kali the right one. Probably best to make sure before leaving Drybone entirely to call via linkshell just to be sure it was correct, and at the very least confirm that she got to it safely. 'Safely' being a big keyword here. In the mean time she remained distant from Drybone until this was sorted out.]
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[Sometimes, Kha'li tires of emissary missions. As much as she enjoys the spotlight, the constant running around and acting diplomatic wears on her - especially when those she's travelling to visit seem to rub her the wrong way. Holding her tongue is probably the most trying part of the entire ordeal.

Nonetheless, travelling with companions makes it much more enjoyable. And in the case of her needing to travel alone - which had been the case this time, unfortunately - her companions are at least there to go to after the fact. A little relaxation in friendly company after forcing herself in the company of - pardon her Ascian - absolute assholes is incredibly therapeutic.

Today, she'd intended to go visit Allumette, but her Lalafellin friend seemed to be busy. So, while she was already in Gridania, Kha'li figured she may as well save the gil from teleporting and pay another good friend a visit instead.]

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[For once, she may just be in luck. As Y'akeno almost always is working around town - whether it be in the leatherworking guild or helping her fellow archers with perfecting their stances (since Silvairre is less inclined to do so) - she found herself just relaxing a little in the Carline Canopy. ...Lest Mother scold her for working too hard, despite her achievements.

Her ears perk up before the rest of her though when she hears the all-too-familiar voice of "HEY YAKIE CAN I HAS A SONG?" and smiles a bit beneath her hat.]

Kha'li! [She motions in welcome, also motioning for her to come closer.] Come and join me, won't you? You look as though you're 'bout to drop.

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Naminè - or Miah, but. Same difference.

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[It's another typical day in Western Thanalan - the sun is high and bright in the sky, the heat is almost unbearable, and there is no shortage of explorers performing all manner of tasks for those that offered the right payment.

Terra - well, 'Talen' as most Eorzeans knew him - was one such adventurer. Today, he had donned the green and white robes of a spell caster, a conjurer's wand at his hip and a hunting journal that was quickly seeing more use than it usually did in his hands. There was something out here that would prove to be a good enemy to hone the earth and wind magics that conjury taught, and he was hoping he would find them soon.

The sounds of fire consuming oxygen in the air and ice forming interrupt his train of thought, and his gaze is drawn towards the spell flinging of a small Miqo'te thaumaturge, and the number of enemies that she was tossing spells at.

Four or five of those annoying buzzards - those odds didn't look very good. He frowns, then puts up the log and pulls out the ash wand. 'Let's see... best target would be...'

A brief moment of concentration, to pull on the aetheric energies of nature...]
Spirits of earth, lend me your strength...

[Stone is cast, and the magically-flung rocks hit their intended. Another brief mutter, and the Stone on the buzzard is followed by Protect on the small thaumaturge.

Your surprise back-up is here, and he's in acolyte gear.]
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Wait there was a dif-? :P

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[It had been just another day in the desert, albeit part of the more wet sides of it as she moved more off the beaten trail to practice her castings. With how much healing she had done, the others she'd met along the way thought she could use a bit more...offensive spell practice.

The air listened, the earth always seemed to respond to dire need, but using her own aether to channel ice and fire...?

She wasn't so sure if she was ready for that, even as she hid her face behind the hood of her hempen robe. Yet if knowing how it's cast would help her keep others safer... who was she to say no?

Someone getting pecked at, apparently. Even when (while maybe slightly panicking as she did manage a few fire spells to knock one of them into a nearby rocky surface) she seemed unsure of herself in using black magic. At least until she heard someone else's voice (someone noticed oh no oh no what do I-) and heard the rocks pass her head and smack into the buzzards.

...Was that a Protect?

Yep. Definitely a Protect. She looks back to briefly nod and mutter a brief "thank you-" before yelping and jumping back, accidentally casting Blizzard II. At least it gives her enough time to hide move back beside sudden new help.

He's taller and seems a bit more confident with stone spells then she does she will be more than happy with accepting this assistance. DDD:]

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