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Catchall Post ☼ 01 | ❝Where faith and fear collide...❞

(Just a little post for any overflow for memes when captcha says hello.)
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for gakunin

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[continued from here]

Let me know if you need an enchantment for that.

I'm not that great; if anything, I should have focused on killing it faster.

Though yes, that is part of the reason I decided to pick up the sword.

[How does she deal with high praise asdlghalh (/)///(\);;]
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[As much as Sayano aspires to being a hero, she's prone to hero worship, and Koko is older and more experienced, full of enlightening stories and wisdom to pass down. Even if Sayano shot like a lighting bolt from one to fifty, so to speak, and has learned plenty of technical knowledge that can serve her well, the sort of skill that can only come from further practical application is still beyond her.

Not to mention, having another Au Ra around, even if they weren't the same clan, was a comfort. The only Au Ra she'd ever known for a long time were her family, and meeting one more like her was heartening.]

That's what we're for when they're good and distracted. If they kill their distraction, who are they going to go after? The people with less sturdy armor, right? You stepped in to hold the broken chain together and succeeded! That's amazing! I wish I had the skills to do the same.
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[O-oh, oh Sayano. Honey. She is so glad you can't see her face right now because it is beet red. An impressive feat, considering how pale her skin is. Had she been raised by her actual parents, this whole conversation may have been far different, too...]

Given time and training, you just might. Battles are never predictable 100% of the time. You have to adapt to a number of factors.

...Also pray the tank's and healer's garments don't shatter. Now THAT is an embarrassment for all involved.
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[Completely oblivious to how she's flustering the other, there's nothing to stop her excitement or even slow it down.]

There's only so much adapting a ninja can do. If I was better at magic, maybe...

...That sounds like you've seen it happen!

[Laughing? Definitely.]
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I'm fairly certain I've seen a ninja or rogue take over the role of our more heavy armor-clad friends once in a blue moon, though it is far more risky than I'd recommend to a novice or intermediary adventurer

My sister in fact.

[Laughing at her sister's expense after her filming of her jamming to the Chocobo theme? Damn straight!]
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[Sayano is learning all kinds of things about her senpai friend today.]

I guess I could step in for a little while if I'm needed. I do have some footwork training from my pugilist days to keep the heavier blows from landing.

I certainly hope that doesn't happen to me, though! How did you two pull through that situation? (You must have teased her so much for it after!)
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for boundinblood

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[continued from here]

I've only worn the feminine equivalent of a string bikini once or twice, and uh...

[Katherine. Remember how she employed glamours for the longest time before saying 'fuck it'? Yeah, someone's getting a picture sent to her. If you thought wearing those into battle was bad, imagine it in something that most definitely a wedding.]
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That is certainly a collection of swimwear! It must have taken some organizing to accomplish.

[The fact that it happened doesn't surprise her beyond the initial shock. Koko seems the type to prank someone (the newlyweds?) in a showy way like this.]
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Actually, uh... Everyone arrived with them on underneath the appropriate attire...

[About that... guess who was the newlywed on the left side of the picture.]
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[She doesn't buy that- someone had to orchestrate that! ...Also she apparently fails at recognizing her friend under the glamour. But then, given the extent of a fantasia's glamour, is that so surprising?]
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Most likely not. I'm pretty sure it was revenge for the time I dressed up as a stripper with a horse hat this one time in the Praetorium. And my ex as a chocobo.

[ (^__^;;;) ]
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You dressed up as what? My face is going to be sore from laughing at this rate, Koko!

Your prank is the better one, I think. Swimwear makes sense. The horse hat, not as much.
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The picture in question was taken about fifteen seconds before people got out the masks. We were all subsequently thrown out of the sanctum. In swimwear and masks ranging from chocobo to those weird helms with a sheep on the top.

I'll forever blame my friend Haurchefant for the horse hat, though.
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That must have been quite a scene! I certainly hope nobody else intended to be married at the

same place! Were you all drawn to one another for this sense of humor you all seem to share?