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01 ❂ Mage Problems

Who: Koko Himaa and Katherine Amell
Where: Run Down Apartment, Denerim
What: The champion of the Source revealed herself to be a mage in a world that fears magic... Oops.
Warnings: General prejudices and likely a bit of a scruffle.

When the human noble had begun to stir, Koko had taken the opportunity to flee before the man could call for guards or, even worse, templars. She had, after all, been here plenty of times before to have heard of how relentless this world's religious authority treated those gifted with magical ability. Leaving the bottle of Aqua Vitae had been her only hindrance, though as she jumped from rooftop to rooftop, she could hear the clanging of sabatons beating against the dirt and cobblestone paths beneath her.

Shite, even with her careful planning, she'd lingered just a little too long. Given just enough witnesses to likely collaborate the noble's story of witchcraft. How could she have been so reckless?

Koko slipped into an abandoned apartment with the agility of a rogue, silently thanking her foresight to train with a few members of the Scions. However she did not expect someone to be waiting for there, as she was about to call upon the Crystal in her possession to hop to another reality. Hiding it within her back, she nearly jumps as a few of the local templars enter the room. How in the seven hells had they gotten here so quickly?

"Ah! What brings you lovely gentlemen to such a dilapitated place this fine day...?" she asked, clearly stalling. There was no way the man had awoken yet; she hadn't even gone a couple blocks! So then, how?

"We have reason to suspect that you may be an illegal mage," the one in the middle, clearly one of the more aggressive lot, spoke as he pointed a sword at her from across the room. "I'm afraid you'll have to come with us."

"M-me? Are you mental?" She almost looked hurt by the accusation! "Tell me, how thick would I be to have come here of my own volition were that true?"

Yet they were advancing on her, and while she could easily dispatch them all, she would rather not have the blood of those just doing their job on her hands. She backs up slowly, feigning cowardice as she neared the window once more... Hopefully the glint of the azure Crystal's light outside the window would both be a distraction and enough of a distress signal to another mage not far from here.
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Katherine had left well before the man woke, herself - she wouldn't want him being able to give her name or likeness out to people.

When the templars run past her, she graciously steps aside to let them through, and walks quickly after them. She'd made no secret of recruiting non-blood mage apostates to save them from the templars, but the only time she'd ever fought any were when they refused to recognize the conscription, and attempted to use force, themselves. If these were even remotely aware of her mage recruitment tendencies, they'd know she was following to investigate. In fact, in the case of those foolish enough to try to counter with blood magic where she could see it, she'd even helped them, so depending on what they thought they were after, they might even welcome her presence.

But she's not fast enough; she sees the conspicuous glint of the crystal from the window and breaks into a run. What happens here, however, when the subject isn't even a Thedosian, herself? She has no right to force the taint on someone who doesn't even belong here, even if it's to save her. And not doing so will raise questions later on, from her fellow Wardens who would surely notice. No, a lie will not do. It will be discovered.

And see what they know about this situation. If they've been seen together or if her trip to the alienage seemed conspicuous at all.

Following the trail of open doors within the apartments, she eventually comes up behind the squad.

"Excuse me - what's going on here?"
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Katherine peers over the other templars' shoulders. "...Which is exactly what she's told me. If she's indeed a mage, it would be a surprise to us all. Most of us don't have time to learn both effective magic and the skill needed to wield such a large blade."

Maybe she could use the fact that they might have been seen together before (like out drinking) to her advantage. She already had one advantage in her reputation as Hero of Ferelden, and being known to these templars already. But with rising tensions on the horizon (and Rylock and her squad having gone missing after going after one of her own), she knew her wits and any charm of sincerity she could muster may not always be reliable.

"Either way," she continued, her manner professional but not stiff, her arms folded easily so her palms were pointed at herself and her fingers away from the templars - her magic no immediate threat, "I actually know this woman. My friend here traveled from far away to learn more about the Wardens. If it would ease your concerns, she could stay under my supervision for the rest of her stay."
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"She may not have her sister's temper," Katherine said, seizing on the opportunity to play along, "but do be wary of that tongue." She attempted to weave her way through the trio of templars as she spoke, to divert their attention away from Koko, keeping her posture and expression as relaxed as she could. At least one of them had shown hesitation in the face of her support - maybe he could help ease tension.

"The spirit of what she means is true, though. Have any of you ever been stationed at a Circle? In my experience, there were always just as many elves in herbalism lessons as there were humans, and they did just as well, too."
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She gives the sympathetic one a nod and smile in thanks for his help, and relaxes for real when they're out of the room - which, ironically, makes the tension she was hiding visible for a moment before it's gone.

"It's all fun and games until someone sees you doing something you shouldn't..." Katherine shakes her head a little. "I keep forgetting, sometimes. Your world is kinder to its mages."
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"What are friends for, after all? I'm surprised they're still tolerating me, honestly."

She checked her pouch to make sure her gift was still intact, then joined Koko by the wall, leaning against it.

"But please try to make sure nobody is watching when you cast anything from here on. You heard him, I can't protect you next time without making myself a target. And they're already willing to ignore the legal protection of being a Warden, I know that much."
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You had a vision...?

[She'd only seen this happen once. Briefly, and-...oh no. She's starting to get the idea of what happened. She'd made it sound like it was only mischief to thwart a bigot, but...]

How did he- did your other self compromise you?
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[Katherine nods.] It's for the best. I wish you didn't need to maintain a glamour at all. If those templars had decided to attack...

[Well, she doesn't need her friend in that kind of situation. Whether the first thoughts upon looking at her were "qunari", "desire demon", or "what are you?", the chances of it not ending in disaster were far too slim for her liking.]
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And it's too easy to run afoul of those misunderstandings here. This world is...especially unkind, I've learned, now that I've been exposed to others.

[She looks out the window, at the streets of Denerim below.]

I can't keep asking you to meet me here. Maybe I should come to Eorzea for a while instead?
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[An enchanted piece of jewelry is nothing new. Even so, Katherine takes the pearl and inspects it, as if the Eorzean enchantment or technology might have some new light to shed on her own magical theory just by looking at it.]

I've been once before, I think it might be safe. But thank you. How do I use this?

[Then again, she hadn't arrived in her true form. Who knows how that could have changed things?]