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01 ❂ Mage Problems

Who: Koko Himaa and Katherine Amell
Where: Run Down Apartment, Denerim
What: The champion of the Source revealed herself to be a mage in a world that fears magic... Oops.
Warnings: General prejudices and likely a bit of a scruffle.

When the human noble had begun to stir, Koko had taken the opportunity to flee before the man could call for guards or, even worse, templars. She had, after all, been here plenty of times before to have heard of how relentless this world's religious authority treated those gifted with magical ability. Leaving the bottle of Aqua Vitae had been her only hindrance, though as she jumped from rooftop to rooftop, she could hear the clanging of sabatons beating against the dirt and cobblestone paths beneath her.

Shite, even with her careful planning, she'd lingered just a little too long. Given just enough witnesses to likely collaborate the noble's story of witchcraft. How could she have been so reckless?

Koko slipped into an abandoned apartment with the agility of a rogue, silently thanking her foresight to train with a few members of the Scions. However she did not expect someone to be waiting for there, as she was about to call upon the Crystal in her possession to hop to another reality. Hiding it within her back, she nearly jumps as a few of the local templars enter the room. How in the seven hells had they gotten here so quickly?

"Ah! What brings you lovely gentlemen to such a dilapitated place this fine day...?" she asked, clearly stalling. There was no way the man had awoken yet; she hadn't even gone a couple blocks! So then, how?

"We have reason to suspect that you may be an illegal mage," the one in the middle, clearly one of the more aggressive lot, spoke as he pointed a sword at her from across the room. "I'm afraid you'll have to come with us."

"M-me? Are you mental?" She almost looked hurt by the accusation! "Tell me, how thick would I be to have come here of my own volition were that true?"

Yet they were advancing on her, and while she could easily dispatch them all, she would rather not have the blood of those just doing their job on her hands. She backs up slowly, feigning cowardice as she neared the window once more... Hopefully the glint of the azure Crystal's light outside the window would both be a distraction and enough of a distress signal to another mage not far from here.

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