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Open Post ☼ 03 | ❝So sing this broken melody...❞

the CALL ME OUT meme
a roleplay meme to inspire muses.

Strength: ◆◆◆◆○
Ellana Lavellan
Dragon Age: Inquisition

An elven mage who was raised outside of the scrutiny of the Andrastian Chantry as the First to her clan's Keeper, she was sent to spy upon the proceedings of the conclave, where she witnessed the Breach forming firsthand as the sole survivor. Dubbed the Herald of a god and his bride she does not believe in, she eventually was elected Inquisitor by her peers in order to heal the broken world with what little time she has remaining to her.

Strength: ◆◆◆◆○
Alisaie Leveilleur
Final Fantasy XIV

A young lady who plunged herself into the fragments of Dalamud to uncover the truth of the Seventh Umbral Calamity and the fate of her grandfather, Louisoix. She returns from her own journey changed, and stronger.
Available AUs: Melodies of Life, open to others.

Strength: ◆◆◆◆◆
Koko Himaa (WoL/OC)
Final Fantasy XIV

Losing most of her family a young age, this mage-turned-knight began her life anew as a refugee in the city of Ul'dah where she gained the recognition of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.
Available AUs: Open to others.

Strength: ◆◆◆◆○
Ardyn Izunia Lucis Caelum
Final Fantasy XV

A self-styled "man of no consequence", he is a walking spoiler warning. He is chancellor of the Niflheim Empire, and is solely responsible for the magitek movement rising to the status it is in Eos. His true identity is a former king of the Lucis Caelum line and healer of the people; who was ostracized and demonized by his relative who would succeed him on the throne. Unable to die due to the plethora of daemons hosted within himself, he went mad, and vowed to destroy both his relative's line and the Crystal itself in order to redeem himself.
Available AUs: Open to others.

Strength: ◆◆◆○○
Ignis Scientia
Final Fantasy XIV

Available AUs: Open to others.

Strength: ◆◆◆◆○
Noctis Lucis Caelum
Final Fantasy XV


Strength: ◆◆◆◆○
Kingdom Hearts

The only named Keyblade Master in her group of friends, Aqua sacrificed her Keyblade and armor to save a possessed Terra. She now wanders the darkness and hopes to one day be reunited with her friends.
Available AUs: ilpromenade, Destiny Strings, X-Men Movies, open to others.

Strength: ◆◆◆○○
Kingdom Hearts

A witch with power over memories, she made blames herself for her actions at the orders of her captors. Leaving a breadcrumb trail for the others, she righted the wrongs she made before returning to Kairi's heart.
Available AUs: open to others.

Strength: ◆◆○○○
Kingdom Hearts

A young man who rose against the odds to conquer the darkness within himself and save his best friends. Now granted the title of "Keyblade Master", he prepares with others for the final confrontation with Xehanort.
Available AUs: Vatheon, Ruby City, Rekindle, open to others.

Strength: ◆◆◆◆◆
Riku Replica
Kingdom Hearts

A copy of Riku, his memories had been replaced as a part of the Organization's schemes to bring Sora to their side. He was defeated by the real Riku after killing Zexion.
GAME HISTORY - ANIMUS: The sole survivor of his timeline, he became an informant inside the Evil Alliance to protect Xion and Naminé.
Names:Mera (Facility), Ira (Animus, Melodies), no.ii/Ixion (re:Ordered)
Available AUs:Tower of Animus, A Facility, Melodies of Life, Re:Ordered, open to others.
refer to the list above for active muses.
post "calling" one of them out — you can do so by putting their name in the subject line!
can be informal/formal/comment spam/crosscanon/explicit/whatever tickles your fancy!
feel free to make up a scenario at the start, or wait to see where things go.
if you cannot think of a scenario, feel free to pick one from the choices below.

prompt ideas. + full muselist. + coding.
mindfuck meme the cuddle meme the last words meme the emotional import meme the friendship meme the nightmare meme the cheer up meme the angst meme the family meme the bad ending meme the good ending meme the hug meme
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Not sure of who would really mesh with her but... hmm! Might as well see what happens.

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[Also let it never be forgotten that this is a personification of a company from a series that can be best summed as 'console wars: the game', and of course Taka ends up with Sony's personification of all things (aka the archetypical tsundere)...]
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For Naminé

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She'd fallen asleep sometime ago. It'd been maybe two weeks since she'd found out about Lea's keyblade and been given a renewed hope she would get to train with her keyblade. It also meant it'd taken nearly two weeks for that excitement to calm down where her dreams were concerned.

Today was the first day she'd fallen asleep with a lot less on her mind, a calm respite welcoming her instead of tossing and turning until she just fell asleep anyway. The white expanse that found her in her dreams felt a little familiar and - even though there were no walls or floor or ceiling to speak of - she still felt the urge to turn around. That was when she saw her.

"Naminé?" The glow cleared a little bit. "Naminé, it is you, isn't it?"
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"Hello, Kairi." Naminé smiled faintly, grasping one arm behind her back with the hand attached to the other casually. "It's been some time."

How long it had been, she isn't entirely sure. If anything she looks almost relieved(?) to have some company again. Though she couldn't help but understand her other's excitement the past several nights.
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"Too long!" Kairi agrees. She jogs the short distance and immediately hugs Naminé. "Why can't I see you every night?" She hugs her once more a little tighter, then stands back just a bit to give her space. "Or maybe a phone so I can chat with you about whatever!"

She smiles again, hoping that Naminé feels the same way in spite of the circumstances. She doesn't want Naminé to go away - but maybe things would be easier on both of them if they could just talk more often. All good friendships were built that way.

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For Aeleus!

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Things had been going rather...pear-shaped of late. He had scant recollections of futures he'd foreseen what felt like a lifetime ago in the constant cycle of repeating hours. Over and over, as if time both marched forward and back. Forward and back, never once looking onward.

A cycle he only recently broke free of, and for once, was glad to have found the Coat somewhere once more (As he'd once again outgrown the clothes he'd been given when- Well, he had to assume it was when he was first created. It just wasn't something he could really remember.

What he could recall, however, was that a specific castle had been important to the real thing. Staying inside the white halls of Castle Oblivion was the last thing on his mind, too. So, he opened a path, hoping his false memories would be enough to reach the destination.

Little did he know that someone was already there, and that he'd somehow missed the mark by probably a few floors.

"Where-?" He did not remember this room. Crap.
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It was a sad, sorry state of affairs. The beautiful, shining castle and grounds he'd once been proud to help support were in shambles now, dusty ruins laying dormant for years. If anyone had tread these halls, save Maleficent and her minions, it had only been..... well, he hesitated to use the term 'looters', when the people of Radiant Garden were justified in taking supplies from wherever they could find them. Restoration efforts were a difficult business to undertake in a broken world. Still, the fact remained that they had been (rightly, he supposed) concerned with the city first and foremost, and the castle itself had been left to rot.

It had been a little while since they had all (almost all) woken up here to face the world they had betrayed, whole and complete and so terribly human. All of them had pitched in as much as they could to help restore the castle, but..... but in the end, they all had their specialties. It was Aeleus who was most used to hard manual labor among their group, hauling rubble and cutting wood and making repairs. It was Aeleus whose dominion lay in earth and stone, who could make broken foundations smooth and coax shattered castle walls back up towards the sky. Needless to say, Master Ansem's study still needed a lot of work.

Aeleus was on the floor nailing together a bookcase when he felt the unmistakable flare of Darkness that signaled a Corridor opening. Who in the world would--Isa? Braig? Xehanort? How much danger were they all in? Lea knew better than to portal straight into the castle proper unless it was an emergency, not when they were all on such high alert. For a moment, he just stared at the hooded intruder, expression hard and foreboding in spite of his uncertainty. This wasn't an ideal position to confront a threat..... but if he could get them to talk, it wouldn't matter, he'd have time to get to his feet. "Who goes there?"
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Probably fortunate for the both of them, he doesn't outright lash out. The scent and the person it belonged was familiar, and he wracked his brain trying to recall just where he'd seen this face. Where, and why was he suddenly so angry? Had it been two of the others he recognized elsewhere, he'd likely have flipped his lid in some manner by now, but this one...

"A pet project who unchained themselves." He started, before reaching up to lower his hood to reveal a year-aged and confused, but very familiar face. Only three people would likely understand what 'pet project' entailed. One of which stood right before him. "You were... Lexaeus, right?"

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For Ira~

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Whew..... Demyx wasn't sure what Pete and Maleficent had been up to in Neverland, but whatever it was, this place was swarming! Everywhere he went seemed to have been dug full of holes, and the fresher they were, the more Heartless were in the area, like morning dew clinging to the grass before the sun burned it away. He was totally pooped!

It didn't seem like there was any end in sight. Maybe even worse, the Heartless weren't staying put to be killed--they were migrating, quickly or slowly, though why or where or to what Demyx had no idea. Moreover, he really didn't want to know--it was probably something horrible, like a great big Heartless he'd have to fight, and it'd probably clobber him! Who wanted to go confront something like that? He'd just pretend he hadn't noticed; it wasn't like his mission was recon today, after all, just population control.

Time to go find someplace quiet to take a quick nap before he headed back, he didn't intend to put himself in real harm's way today. He'd just..... just.....

Wait, what was that?

A portal of Darkness, a figure stepping out of it, a long black sleeve, a pulled down hood--was one of the other members coming to check on him? No, wait--the Impostor! It had to be! Demyx abruptly recoiled, freezing in what sure felt an awful lot like fear, for someone who supposedly had no heart and couldn't feel a thing, or at least a remembered echo of it. If he didn't move, they couldn't see him, right? Right?

.....No, that only ever actually worked in the Pridelands. Damn.
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He raised an unseen eyebrow at the other. Uh... Well, this was definitely the first time he's seen someone from the Organization he despised since the Castle, so... time to put on an air of surprise himself?

"You look like you've seen a ghost." He's only eighty-five percent sure ghosts don't actually exist outside the Tower. Though he can't really fault them for it as he did appear out of nowhere, and practically was a ghost at some point or another. Doesn't stop him from being amused or resting his fists on his hips as the portal closes behind him, though. Man, if he knew one of their members was so easily spooked he'd have tried to escape the realm of dreams even sooner!
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Ghosts existed. Maybe not in all worlds, but he knew that much--he'd been spooked by them too many times in Halloweentown to doubt their existence. The impostor probably wasn't a ghost, but he sure had appeared like one, and even Axel and Roxas hadn't managed to take him down! The dream team, come on! If those two couldn't do it, then who could? All by himself, he didn't stand a chance! This was bad. This was really, really bad.

.....Maybe he could just play it off as being surprised, too? What was it Saïx had said.....? Oh, right! "You're gonna pay the price for wearing our coat, impostor!"

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Calling either leezards or Aqua, your choice

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[It was one of those moments when neither the lord of the house or his guest needed not to answer the call of duty. Aymeric himself wanted to take advantage of the situation and thought it would be nice to invite them over just to talk and share stories.

It was a rare time that the lord speaker could be a bit more open and relaxed and to have the company of a friend was much better. Even the lone steward couldn't help but chuckle from a distance when he heard Aymeric let out a bellyful of laughter. Certainly stunned and spooked Mandragora the old cranky family cat, who darted out sometime in the late hours of the evening.

As for the stories...well, he told as many as he knew including those that made him feel like a jester. It didn't matter, he felt at ease with his friend after all. It went on until both parties would feel tired but neither left the parlor...

And that leads to now. That friend of Aymeric's would be comforted with a blanket and an elezen shaped pillow who is still slumbering, the only being among them awake is Mandragora, who is glaring because someone took his spot.]
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elder sister first, then!

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[It was... nice. Being able to, for once, not have to answer any immediate call of duty for a change. Everything had quieted down, save the laughter of two friends and comrades, in this brief respite of peace. At least until both of them had worn one another out with their stories to the point of not even making it out of the parlor.

She doesn't really move at first, but as she was a light sleeper after all that had transpired, she was the first to feel the gaze of the wroth feline. Blinking once sleepily, she shifts ever so slightly, careful not to awaken the lord speaker. Seemingly certain that he would not awaken so, she scoots away as to give the cat some added space. Albeit grudgingly; Ishgard always did have cold nights, and the blanket, and the elezen shaped pillow, had been quite warm.

It'd be easy for the old man cat to climb up her armored legs and to his spot. Especially as she curled up on the couch once more like the dragonling those soldiers had thought her to be all those moons ago. Gods, the scandal that this would create!]

shh it's okay <3

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any/all xv losers ; generic jamjar setting because no one ever said I was creative

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[ The turn of a new year brings many things with it, from fervent hope right down to nervous uncertainty. She supposes some people are able to have both well into the twilight of their lives, but for herself, Cecil more often than not finds it difficult to look to the future with the same complete, pure optimism with which she used to when she was younger. Now, that is hardly to say she doesn't have hopes and goals and optimism, of course, but, rather, that she simply has learned recently what wisdom there is in tempering blind faith, when it comes to personal choices, with a bit of realism and practicality. She has a military background; such a feat wasn't hard.

Still, the pale woman can feel that old optimism bubbling up inside her as she looks out over the colorful bevy of revelers in the street from her less populated edge of the town square. The chill in the night air keeps most people close, but then most people have those they hold dear nearby. She doesn't. She isn't the only one, but it seems that even those like her, who don't belong in this world yet are here anyway, have at least each other, while she has just arrived.

Maybe she needs to feel hopeful then, because so much is uncertain right now. She's truly alone, for the first time in a long while, she realizes, and with no idea when she'll return home. She sighs and actually frowns to herself at the thought. No, given circumstances, it is much more likely that the near future isn't going to be good. And yet still, that unique brand of hope that moves mountains insists on being heard in her heart.
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shh it's ok i'm not that creative either. (sorry for the wait, btw)

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[In that difficulty to glimpse toward the future with rose-tinted glasses, Cecil was hardly alone. It did not take much to notice how some of the others, despite his great desire to ignore it all. Something that he was certain his friends and brothers would most certainly frown upon--Gladio especially.

Yet as the fireworks shot off into the sky, bursting in brilliant hues of golden or red light, he could not help the faintest hints of a smile crossing his lips. A reminder of a dream long since passed, of a friend who had guided him home.

A home that was still so far off.

The young king lightly pushed himself from the railing he was leaning, intent to head to a stall of some kind when he noticed another outsider who seemed to isolate herself from the others this night; whether she meant to or not.]

Quiet night for a change.

[He almost wishes there was a fishing hole near by - it'd be perfect, despite the fireworks.]
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Koko! Let's have some fun with aether sickness

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[Katherine had been to Eorzea once before, but only for a brief moment, and already holding a transformation. This time, she was prepared for a longer stay, to study some of its native plants.

Unfortunately, this time, the environment wasn't so nice to her. At first, it seemed all right. It even allowed a glamour to make her tattoos less conspicuously foreign-looking. She had no reason to suspect, wandering this forest and heading for signs of a path.

Her instinct told her she was being hunted, and the glimpses of feathers through the trees told her they were stalking her. Senses alert for her hunter, she heard a bowstring draw and whirled with practiced ease, staff out and aimed at its owner. Her magic swelled inside her with sickening force, and the surge of ice magic that shot from Lamppost's crescent tip knocked her off her feet. She felt the staff leave her hand, but the nausea didn't clear, her head spinning as she pushed herself up. Her device was beeping at her. She wasn't sure it was safe to look. The archer hadn't attacked. Had the burst of magic killed him?

It was like after the battle with the Archdemon. So many lyrium potions hastily chugged in the midst of battle, so many spells needed, her mind was a haze and her dreams too sharp for the entire following day. The world swam as Thedas had, except no amount of adrenaline would clear it.

She fumbled her device out of her pouch, trying to make sense of the fuzzy screen. "ITEM ERROR" it said in big letters, but the smaller details below were too blurred to make out. The light from the screen was sickening; she'd never realized how blue it was. Realizing she wouldn't be able to use it in her state, she reached for the linkshell her friend had given her. Her speech was thick.]

Koko... I'm here, but-...

[That's when a treant sapling with branches half-frozen from her earlier attack broke from the treeline it had camouflaged in and attacked. In desperation, she pulled Duncan's dagger from her belt and stabbed at it. It plunged into the living wood with a solid thunk and stuck, while the sapling slapped her away with its good arm, sending her sprawling like a rag doll. She barely oriented herself towards the noise of its approach, hand out to cast a spell in defense, and again magic welled in her too strong, sent her head reeling and exploded in the air between them in a brilliant burst of purple, flinging her away and onto the arrow-riddled corpse of an elf - elf? The proportions were wrong. She grabbed the bow and quiver from the fallen man (doublessly a victim of whatever had tried to attack her before), clumsily nocked an arrow and held it as the injured treant approached, unable to aim, unable to summon the strength to draw it all the way back.

Being one of the strongest mages in your country doesn't mean much when your magic won't work, it turns out...even less so when it seems to actively turn against you.]
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Katherine no Katherine plz

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["We'll meet near the Moogle's Gift chocobo stables of Bentbranch," they'd agreed the last time they spoke. Though when a bell had passed from their original meeting time, Koko had grown more than a little concerned. So when she hears the telltale sound of the linkshell pearl ringing behind her horn, she is finding it hard to keep a hint of annoyance from her tone. However, even before she can utter a word about it, she could tell something was amiss.]


[Well, bugger all. She whistles for her lift, no small amount of relief crossing her expression when He materializes from the aether. The next part, however, may make Katherine further disoriented as the other voice spoke.]

'Sfohl tah?'

A friend is in touble. Follow the sudden disruption in the aetherial flow.
We're on our way. Pray remain conscious 'til we arrive!

[It was a race against time, judging by how her friend sounded. A race she was all too grateful that her friend had agreed to assist her in locating her friend. A great roar shook the very air as they whizzed through tree after tree, before finally gliding just low enough for Koko to jump off safely. The thud of a single person was likely all she heard before a spell of protection wove it's way around her.]

Shite, and here I was wondering if ye'd turned up in the frozen north instead.

[Please don't flip about her not!uncle be alright, she thinks while twirling her rather unused staff to speed up and draw upon aether surrounding them ever so briefly to channel it within her. Aether that she soon sent reeling towards the offending treant in a blast of flame.]


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Iggy? Iggy! :D (cooking au?)

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[It's only Selphie's second week on the job at the restaurant. She'd been hired for prep work despite her lack of experience when she'd been called upon to go shopping for ingredients for a new recipe that the head chef had been concocting for a young man of picky tastes. The list had been rather extensive and particularly expensive. It had taken quite some time to find everything but, Selphie has managed to pull off the impossible.

When she finally comes back to the restaurant, she marches right up to the head chef and plops the large shopping bag on the table.]

Found it! All of it. Even those onions with the really hard to pronounce name. Why's it called a shallot anyway when it's just a tiny little red onion that are actually purple?

[She huffs a little bit.]

Food is weird.
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For Namine

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He'd been ready. He'd been ready to rip the bastard's face off with his bare hands by the time they stood there in the throne room, staring up at that creature on the throne as he mocked Noct. His fingers had itched for his blade, taking everything in him to stay back and let Noct make the choice of what they would do.

The last thing he remembered was Ardyn raising his hand, sending flares of black-purple magic at them, then a feeling of utter coldness as it hit him directly on before he had so much as a chance to dodge.


He woke up in darkness.

The waking came very slowly, like he was fighting for every inch of the way towards consciousness but the length of the fight started to bring back memories. Insomnia. Noct. Ardyn. His head ached terribly - had he fallen? hit his head on the marble of the throne room floor? reaction to whatever that bastard had done to him? - and it felt like his body was frozen it was so cold. It was really just stiffness but fear? Oh, fear was a fantastic way to get a mind to plug into a stuff body faster and as a man who rarely felt truly afraid, Gladiolus Amicitia was a man afraid. Noct. NOCT!

His eyes opened and he surged up, immediately, without even a thought, pulled on the magic within himself to call the greatsword to his hand, the weight settling like a familiar comfort in his hand as he wrestled to his feet, prepared to fight with every inch of his body. Noct had to be in trouble--

...uh. Where... was he...?
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Oh my, such a terrible awakening :C

[personal profile] chainsrevised 2017-03-21 07:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Luckily for him, it wasn't anywhere his eyes would have to adjust too much - or be completely blinded by the brilliant yet immaculate halls of the Castle nearby. This was the first time she had stepped outside it's winding passages herself, having sensed a new presence who had but recently arrived. Worried as she was for those deep within the basement floors, helpless as could be as they'd volunteered to Sleep until their memories were restored, she couldn't ignore this person either.

Given his confusion, anything could happen - and on the dark crossroads, where night reigns eternal at its juncture, she did not want to leave it to chance that someone who would harm those who trusted her with their lives would use his fear and his anger against them all.

Thus did she stop dead in her tracks, white sandals now covered in dirt and dust as she catches her breath - a clear sign she isn't used to physical exertion. Yet her sole focus is on the older man before her, brow furrowing with a memory of concern in her gaze as she attempted to stand straight.

"Are... you alright?" the young teen asked between breaths. Light, she wished she had gotten at least some of her Somebody's athleticism...

Such is their life. :(

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for Alisaie; alternate Melodies endgame?

[personal profile] unyieldingspirit 2017-04-02 02:01 pm (UTC)(link)
[It takes K'pandolu a little while to wake up once the stasis wears once, but once she is she sits up abruptly, scanning the horzion. She remembers the Enterprise in flight, and the pillar clipping the tail of the ship… But on the whole, she seems to have come out of it fairly well- better than she expected, at any rate. But what about the Enterprise, and the others? The airship isn't anywhere in sight, but there is a familiar face nearby- if, perhaps, a little changed, and K'pandolu squints somewhat before reaching out to touch her shoulder.]

uncoiledpromise: (sad ✦ learned pretty quick)

aw yis

[personal profile] uncoiledpromise 2017-04-12 12:28 pm (UTC)(link)
[If by changed, she meant suddenly far fuller, hair nearly as long as Ysayle's, and almost as tall? Then she would be right. Grimacing, the young elezen squinted behind eyelashes and overly long bangs, muttering something about five more minutes when it hit her just whose voice it was.]

P-Pandolu...? [She groans, trying to shake off the remnants of sleep as she gently pushes herself off the ground with her hands.] Engh, Twelve preserve, what happened?


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[personal profile] proteusmoon 2017-05-25 11:19 pm (UTC)(link)
( ooc ; unsure if you want to do The Sad Idea now, all things considered, but in case you do, here's a... not-starter. )
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[personal profile] impatienttraveler 2017-05-28 05:38 pm (UTC)(link)
(ooc: look I mentioned it after the funeral I fine w/ dis.)

It had become a habit, the last several ages - that on the same day each year, he would traverse upon nightfall to one particular location in Duscae. Even after infiltrating the Niflheim empire and becoming its chancellor, he would always find his way back to wilds behind the Taelpar rest area. Over these many years, he'd begun to question why he would put forth the effort. Why, on such occasions, if only for a moment, he would find something other than the all-consuming rage that festered and tainted whatever shred of humanity the daemons had left in their wake.

Yet his steps never faltered as he approached the small little bump in an otherwise overgrown brush - something barely noticed in this day and age. It had grown ever more common that those who visited this region, far removed from the safety of a settlement's light, would meet a grizzly end... The only ones who would often be here would be searching for dog tags, not the eroded remains of a makeshift marker; one so ancient, it likely predated the founder of Lucis himself. Thus did he feel little other reason to be concerned by whatever footfalls followed, as he removed his hat; before kneeling down to place a single white rose atop the sunken mound. And, for a moment, he almost felt something deep inside him twist (but why would he, a monster, feel such things?), when he heard a twig snap behind him.

"Did your sire never caution you in regards to following strange men at night?" he questioned, not bothering to turn his gaze from the small stone before him. He had a hunch who it was that had followed, and he was certain it wasn't the prince or his retainers.


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charles/aqua // 80000 years of built up reunions

[personal profile] cerebrallycalm 2017-07-26 08:56 am (UTC)(link)
( i mean so like, ready for some hurt/comfort/typical teacher bros with a tad more thrown in~? ♥ reunion? yeah, reunion. )

It had been a number of years since Charles had found himself in the presence of ilPromenade. It was a time he once looked back in agony at, remembering the bonds he had been horribly cut from. It had been apart of everything he was struggling with, and one thing that he was unable to share with Hank. However, his once future self seemed to understand exactly what he was struggling with. He managed to pull himself together and then make the wheels turn to get the school back in working order. Now, Xavier's Home for Gifted Youngsters was a premiere school that many sought haven in. He dared to say he was actually proud of it now.

Old habits died hard. Charles stayed up late at night in his office, going through papers, looking over data from Cerebro. He had to see who was potentially going to walk through the doors of his school. And, as always, a psychic ear was kept out for those students who may need some comforting as they dealt with the nightmares that were almost normal as their mutant abilities awakened.

That psychic ear made him give pause. Charles raised his head, eyebrows drawn and pulling away from his desk. That voice sounded familiar. Of course, he knew who it was, but he truly didn't want to believe it. She had once mentioned how those who were given the power she wielded could traverse the worlds. They were able to see places and times that others were not. Yet, she had been lost before she came to that place, hadn't she?

He tipped the controls on his wheelchair forward. The motorized wheels whirled as he opened the door to his office and rolled into the hallway. He looked from left to right, half expecting to see a ghost.
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/prepares for the inevitable feels-

[personal profile] followthehearts 2017-07-26 12:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Many years had passed since the last city she had visited - had reopened her own school with the help of her brother-pupil and another she would come to know as a nephew more than an heir to their legacy. Yet for her it both seemed as though no time and all the time in the worlds had passed. Features bereft of the passage, but the knowledge of it passing was not lost on her mind. Ten years... Had it truly been that long since she'd taken a step in the realm of light? Yet she knew now, since her actions to save Riku at the Door so that he would become the man she knew him to be, it would have been even longer. Days, weeks, perhaps even months.

In the end, she had resigned herself to that fate-- to be that light to guide others through the darkness. No one was going to save her. No one was could. Even Mickey had no idea how to leave of his own volition, and she hadn't seen him since. This she knew, and accepted. Yet her mind always wandered, even as she sat there on that beach long after the stranger had vanished. Of the world beyond mirrors, the masquerade masks, and the people she met along the way. That fragment of Snow White's world had brought back those memories even more potently than her own doubts that she knew as fact.

Even so, the moon beyond the horizon seemed to glow less bright in comparison to the charm she had crafted - a tiny star in the sea of perpetual night - as she could almost see the faces of those she believed she would never see again. Loriley, Ichigo, Rukia, Quorra... even Rinzler. Yet when her heart turned to the man she had connected the strongest in either world, a bright light suddenly fell upon her face. Grimacing from the sudden shift, she raised an arm to shield herself, thinking it to be a surprise attack.

But nothing came. Nothing, but a voice so quiet she swore she had just imagined it.

'Do you want to see him?' it asked, and she had no idea why she felt compelled to answer.

"I do. More than anything."

The voice seemed to smile, if a disembodied voice could even do that. 'Then believe in that bond you share. Come on, before it closes forever!'

Blinking in surprise, she found her heart responding before her mind could catch up to where it was leading. She was on her feet and walking closer to the roar of the waves and the brightness of light before even mouthing out the word "Who?" Yet the gentle laugh she heard in the back of her mind only egged her on farther, and as she stepped through the light, she found the sight of a familiar hallway - one she had visited so many times in her stay at ilPromenade, before she-

"This is... the mansion?" she said barely above a whisper, yet she knew immediately that this was no dream. Despite the shadows gathering in the night, she knew this was different. Even before hearing the sound of a small motor running in the distance. Aqua could sense so many within the nearby rooms, even without the light snoring coming from one or two (some even louder).

It's finally over, she thought. I...

... By the time Charles finds her, she might be wiping away a sudden tear or two; her relief and surprise was that great.


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oh noes

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