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Even If You Take Me On...

Who: Koko Himaa, Gladiolus Amicitia
Where: Vesper Bay
What: When a Post-Game Gladio makes his way to Eorzea, two stalwart swords meet once more.
Warnings: ~*~spoilers~*~

Things had grown rather busy of late in the small port town of late. With supplies from Limsa Lominsa increasing with regularity. After the last foreigner who had arrived on it's docks had departed for Revenant's Toll, the deliveries only increased aboard the guise of passenger ferries. Yet it was not a ferry that arrived this day, in this brief interim - the calm before a storm of blood.

For despite how bloody a history this small hamlet had after the imperial raid, it was all but a bustling center now. All it lacked was an aetheryte - one it will never receive. A lalafellin merchant had been heading to the docks, commenting on how inconvenient it was given it was the only working ferry between Limsa Lominsa and Ul'dah, when she noticed a boat docking. It was foreign to many of those present, who had started to gather near the docks at the sight of such a magnificent ship.

"I've never seen anything like it!" An elderly fisherman spoke to his son.

"Who designed it, you think?" A miner asked of his father.

"D-don't approach it, Fufuchi! The steersman is clearly-" a culinarian gasped, fearing it was an Imperial. Yet she couldn't be further from the truth.
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What did a man who lived for his duty do when his duty was done? How did someone live when the reasons for their life had been taken from him? Was there a point to life when the light of one's world was gone?

All he knew was he couldn't stay. Some part of him, something deeper than he could have ever imagined, had died along with Noct. To return into the castle to find their prince, their king, slumped down in his throne as if only sleeping, to carry the cold, lifeless body of his friend out into the brilliance of the light he had returned to the world... it had broken what was left. His duty was over. He had been named Noct's Shield, his protector, his guardian and friend. Gone.

So what did a man who had lost nearly everything do? He had made sure his other friends were safe. They had found their places in the new world, both so badly needed to handle the crisis that was still happening. Ignis, with Prompto at his side, held a rare knowledge of Lucis' inner workings that suffered with so many of its core dead. He could work to remake their home. He needed Prompto, who had never quite been as sunny as he had been before the darkness, and together, he was sure they could handle anything that came their way.

But it didn't solve the loss of duty within him. It had never been to the country he'd served, after all. So one day, one not very special day, he left. A note to tell them of his plan, that he would be in touch, but he couldn't stay. Not when things were spiraling further and further into darkness and the nights held only terrors that had nothing to do with the banished daemons.

There was somewhere he hadn't forgotten about, of a woman unlike any he had seen before, with elegant scales and horns and a tail and who spoke of her country and home and the differences and similarities. He'd spoke then of wanting to see it. It seemed the time.

He stepped off the boat with effort, tying it off at the dock. This had been another step in a long journey to find this place, moving from port to port with only verbal directions most of the time, trying to find the homeland of Eorzea. He looked around, squinting beyond the sunglasses tucked on his nose, but was deeply surprised at the reaction he seemed to be getting. What in the Hells...?

He... didn't quite know yet the level of technology of his world compared to this one.

Undeterred, though, he pulled his pack up and over his shoulder, shifting to arrange the weight along with the pair of weaponry that were there already. No one in this land carried a greatsword and a shield together, but there they both were, held by specially designed sheathes because he no longer had magic of his own. He thought, perhaps, that it was the weapons that upset the local folk, but he wasn't about to leave them behind.

So he faked a smile and moved out to try to find someone to help him.

Koko would get a communication over her linkpearl rather out of the blue one afternoon. The familiar voice of one of the lesser scions asking her politely if perhaps she could come to Vesper Bay, that there was a strange disturbance occurring there. A stranger had arrived and was making inquiries around the port... all tied to her name.
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It had been a long time since they'd seen each other last. Things had changed. The physical had changed. His hair was longer, pulled back from his face. There was a new scar to cross the original she had seen and a far more terrible one visible on his chest. Age had come to his face, more than just years but some terrible physical weight. Others might not see it, only this Hume built as big as a Roegadyn, but she could where they couldn't.

When he heard his name, spoken by a voice he hadn't heard in such a long time but he still knew that accent, he looked up to her and her very large chocobo. She still looked beautiful, as elegant as he remembered.

"Told you I would come visit, someday," he called over to her through the crowd, as if this wasn't who knew how many years later and it had been an off-hand remark during their meeting over diner food and motorcycles. "Good to see you again, Koko." But the ready smile that he had for her back in his homeland didn't follow.
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Word was already spreading at the speed of gossip. The Warrior of Light had known the stranger with the stranger technology and impossible weaponry on his back. There were people who would want to know. People who would pay to know.

But Gladio only shifted his pack and nodded, following after her. There was nothing familiar left to him here (though the sight of a chocobo brought both a faint bubble of something like happiness along with painful memories). It felt like going into the old ruins around Eos, long before technology had spread across the planet and elevated it. He had no clue about how magic played such a different part in this world and that technology both more and less advanced than he knew was out there in all the wrong hands.

Once inside, he let out a breath, hand coming up to rub across his brow. "Didn't expect it would be this hot when I got here." That was almost a dry joke, looking around to see who might be listening as they went down a flight of stairs and through a set of (unknown to him) sealed doors. Thankfully, it was cooler inside, underground and in the stone.

He'd come impossibly far on a journey he wasn't sure if he would find its end. Something to distract him from everything that haunted behind him. Now that he found it... another goal had to be set.
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"Don't I always leave a lasting impression? After all, you still remember me." That almost sounded like the old Gladio, almost. He put his bag on the desk, unaware of where he was but not inclined to be worried about it, but he did take the chair. He was exhausted, but it was just his constant state of being anymore.

He scrubbed a hand over his jaw, realizing he needed a clean up on his beard, and sighed. "It's been a long time. ...ten? Twelve years?" Everything felt like it had taken place in the span of weeks, not years. It had all gone by too fast, the good and the bad.

His eyes flicked back up to her. "I could say the same for you, too."
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Gladio, when they had seen each other last, had been in the formal uniform of the Lucis Crownsguard, but now he wore something very different. Leather pants and a vest, worn down with age and probably in dire need of replacement after his journey. Still, surprise crossed his face at hearing that. "Two- two years?" How could time have been so different...?

Still, he could hear the weariness in her voice, so Gladio reached out and gave a quick touch to her hand. "I know how that is." He wouldn't talk about it, it wasn't in him to talk about it yet, but he could empathize.

Something had changed for both of them.

"If... I've come at a bad time, Koko... I don't have to stay."
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There was the pinch in his brow as he puzzled over 'moons', but he wasn't an unintelligent man and after a moment, had a fair guess on what she meant. So he nodded, but raised an eyebrow at the mention of her being ordered to do anything. "From the reaction of everyone down at the dock, I'm guessing new arrivals isn't all that common? That kid-" Oh, he totally meant a Lalafell but had no actual idea that wasn't a child, "-looked terrified of me. Better question is who would dare to tell you to spend time off duty?" Because he couldn't imagine someone with Koko's spirit, and general freedom comparatively, bowing to anyone's order.
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He had no idea what a Roegadyn was, but still confused over the whole 'Lalafell' thing. It had to be a kid. It came up to like, his knee. ...Call anyone sized his thigh and under a Lalafell, then. He looked down at himself, a brow raised at 'flashy gear'. Was it really that flashy? He shrugged and decided maybe it was the bare chest and the tattoo that was the flashy part.

His brows went up as she described a great deal of things all at once, so he listened closely. The Scions of the Seventh Dawn. Odd name that meant a lot of nothing to him, but orders all usually had some kind of strange name. The Primal Threat ended up sounding something completely different than she meant it, as if was 'the biggest threat' and there were other threats to be worried about, only because he knew what she meant by a completely different name, though the whole 'corrupting influence' wasn't a thing.

However, that title struck a harsh cord with him, one he had to fight to prevent any sign of showing. The King of Light Still, he could tell it was a title and he wondered why.

At least the last bit he knew and the corner of his mouth lifted, but it was only a shadow of the flirting grins he had given her back in Eos. "Well, I'm glad I can be an excuse for you." But he brought up a hand, rubbing his neck, before gesturing. "Mind if I run you back over a few things, there? Like what is this primal threat you lot are trying to fight?"
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For Gladio, he had definitely not made the connection between these Primals and the Astrals of his world for on his world they are Gods. There was nothing imagined about the divine creatures that Noct had made a pact with, who, in Gladio's opinion, deserted him in his hour of need. Shiva... she had saved them all from Ifrit's wrath, but they would do no more to save humanity when it was in its darkest hour. It wasn't something he could forgive or forget lightly. The Gods cared nothing for humanity. Only Noct truly had, their Chosen One.

"I've never heard of anything like that," Gladio admitted, leaning forward, taking back his hand to brace his forearms on his knees. "People making some sort of... fake gods? How can dreams and desperation be so powerful as to do something like that?" His brows knitted together, but he didn't like the idea at all. "I'd guess these things came out pretty pissed, then?"
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Blink. Gladio stared at Koko for a few seconds at how casually she said the name of two of their gods, but more so that he finally made the connection she was talking about. He held up a hand, brow knitting together. "...there's nothing you could have changed, so don't be sorry." In that his voice was tight, firm. There was something he wasn't saying, something big, but the steel in his voice suggested he wouldn't be talking about it at all. Why was he here, alone?

"Are you telling me... Shiva... and Ramuh... they were two of your primals?" His lips parted, trying to find more words, before his hand shifted and became a small 'no' gesture. "Those are the names of two of our Astrals. Gods." Another pause, then, flat out, "they aren't anything like you're describing."

They had helped. In part. Then deserted humanity all together.
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"" Gladio sat back slowly, trying to process this new information. "I wonder how it's possible... that in some ways, things couldn't be more similar and in others, the complete opposite." He rubbed the back of his neck, then shrugged a little before giving her a serious look.

"If you and these Scions need the help, you've got my blade. Once they let you off being babysitted for a while." That faint smirk again, almost a proper tease out of him.
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Finding a way to get that motorcycle to her sure had been a hell of a thing. The best way to send her home with something she'd really remember from being in Eos, as far as Gladio was concerned.

"Is it safe to leave that boat where it is, or is someone going to end up ripping it apart? Could of those ki-- uh, Lalafells were eyeing it up pretty hard." He took the hand, unafraid of the scales along her skin, and pulled himself up. The weight of the world still seemed on his shoulders, pulling them down.

"Huh. That infamous draught chocobo you told me about?"

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Some Weeks After Arrival

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The days passed slowly; Gladio didn't mind.

It was easier to live here, far away from everything that had left him hurt inside and out. Koko, after the first few days, would catch sight of the terrible scars that littered Gladio's body hidden under his jacket. Something he hadn't had in his youth, and honestly, he hadn't had until the near-end of his days. That final fight had only been won, if he could call it that, because of Noct's sacrifice, the come of the dawn. It had taken its toll on all of them physically as much as mentally.

He could hide it all down in the light of this new world. Days were spent doing simple things - exploring around the large neighborhoods and studying the strange designs and layouts and people. People watching became an interesting subject for him. Any time Koko and her sister needed help around their home or bar, he took it on, even sometimes keeping an eye on Koko's son. In a lot of ways, that was when Gladio seemed happiest. He smiled more around the boy.

But without a job, he felt restless. So today, he approached Koko. The massive blade, like any dark knight might carry, and the shield, like a paladin, were back across his back from where they had sat silent and still for some time now by his bed. "...Koko, you told me about some kind of adventurer's guild, right? Might be able to earn some gil?"
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Re: Some Weeks After Arrival

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It wasn't something Gladio would mind, if things went that route. Something to take their minds off of their pains and sorrows, even for a little while, to be lost in the physicality of it all. Gladio could be gentle, exploring, slow, or he could be harder, taking and leaving marks, pounding. If it was wanted, what was wanted. Nothing pushed, though. No talk of love or relationship, no.

Gladio had, mostly, refused the pay from Cotan, because they were putting him up. 'Earn my keep', he'd said. Right now, his needs were simple, but the more he started to explore, the more he wanted to do. See. There was a world out there, and it could offer a distraction like nothing else could.

"How many of those questions do I actually have to answer?" Gladio asked honestly, the corner of his mouth briefly lifting. He had come to know that sometime was strange with how he existed compared to adventurers out there. Like his body didn't know how to react to Eorzea's magic instead of the Crystal's. Some of this worked definitely... against his favor. He carried a pack with him and his weapons, definitely not of Eorzean make, and lived with it.