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(AU) 1. Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Who: Koko Himaa and you
Where: All about Eorzea, or other if cross-canon shenanigans
Warnings: It's a Blindness AU.

1 ) On Views Most Spectacular
This world was a wondrous thing to behold. Thus she was silent as she stood there, light breeze blowing her bangs into her eyes as she smiled faintly. Whether it be the soft sounds of insects chirping in the distance, the smell of recently dampened soil, the sound of a coyote cowling in the distance... She wanted to remember these. To judge the distance between her and the babbling brook without nary a hint of hesitation. To remember the voices of those around her, their footfalls as they tread across dirt and paved walkways. Though to any who didn't know, they probably only thought she was taking in the sights with childlike wonder.

A child who ceased to be twenty summers past. Though may want to let her know if she stopped in the middle of a road somewhere.

2 ) Visions Planted in the Mind
There was on time, however, when she could once again "see" -- and moments she could not control. Headaches that started without warning, barriers shattered that by all laws of nature should never be shattered. For in those moments, she was not within her own mind--but the memories of another. Seeing what they saw, hearing what they themselves heard. At first, she thought them as naught but her mind trying to recall what things she could have seen, and yet... Sometimes there was no denying that those moments belonged to another.

But how to approach them after "seeing" something, especially if it was something best left unsaid?

3 ) Other
(Think of another prompt that isn't here? Feel free poke me about it! Or better yet, RNG it.)
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He'd been in a nearby town picking up some supplies while Koko enjoyed the 'view'. Well, her version of a view. He knew what she was doing, so he waited a bit before walking up, making sure to be a bit noisier as he approached.

He'd been on the business end of her weapon before for walking up silently, he didn't want to have it happen again.

"Enjoying the view, friend?"
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"I bet it is. I figure you can tell me how those flowers smell, or how warm the sun is better than I can tell you what I can see." He walked over to her, wrapping his arms around her, and resting his chin on her shoulder.

"Where to next?"
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"I try. But we all know where my real specialty lie." He leans over to kiss her temple before sighing. Business already.

"I see. Shall we get chocobos? Or is it close enough to walk?"