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"Please be happy here."

Who: Ira (Riku Replica)
Where: The Tower of Animus, later Order's Sanctuary
Warnings: The Tower being the Tower, there's likely some body horror in there somewhere. Mentions of torture, etc.

So much has happened over the last eleven months. Sometimes it felt as though it were all a blur. Yet when he stepped through the portal, he instantly recognized the area. "This is..."

The long tables, the undeniable scent of the food bars, of collar fluid and heavy atmosphere. There was no denying it. Yet, as his senses confirmed their location, he couldn't help but raise his hands, as if examining them for the first time. The glamour was obviously failing right now--the countdown likely less than a few weeks until the end at most, judging by how it hadn't even flickered toward being "on" in the few moments he'd been staring at the sight in front of him. How was it possible, then, that his hands were still flesh? The armor of a dark knight still broken, and not film? The only glow being that of the emergency lights, and not including a violet light of his soul? Resting his right hand over his heart, he tried to shake the confusion from his mind.

"The halls have eyes and ears. She likely already knows we're here." There was no time to explain what he meant. For the cafeteria, there wasn't anyone present. Almost as though they were called elsewhere. He could also feel the eyes upon him as he took another step forward, motioning for anyone who followed him through to remain quiet.

Focusing inward, he called forth a Corridor of Darkness. There were a few scents he recognized in the Tower still. Focusing on one of them, he motioned for the others to follow him. It was risky, bringing them through the dark. Yet he had healing spells. He'd be fine, as long as the others weren't terrified of the swirling black abyss he conjured from thin air.

"A word of warning. No one in this Tower is what they seem. Those like me... they are souls trapped here, fighting to restore their worlds. If you see a girl with blonde hair, do not engage her--she will kill you without a second thought."

...That's right. It wasn't just his version of their worlds that relied on him, anymore. It was all of their worlds, too. He could taste a bit of bile in the back of his throat, and he swallowed hard. Right. He had to find out when this was and fast, and then find the next portal out of here and find that Tarutaru before it was too late. Letting that realization sink in could come later. First, he had to find a familiar face. Friend or foe, there were ways of getting them to let slip the when.

Where this Corridor took them, he hoped that it was to a floor with a friendly face.
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Re: A Friendly(?) Face

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Saori was glad to have her Assassin's gear on since the hood could obscure her face. Even a 99 year-old goddess could get shivers from this place. She made sure to watch her unofficially adopted son's back, with dual hidden blades ready to attack with a simple flick of her wrist.

" long were you here?"
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So late, *sob*

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Lydia had pulled the hood of her cloak up, more glad than ever that her Vampire job kept her Silent in all movement and functions. Not even her breathing could be heard. She'd observed, trying to keep her questions until it was safe to ask (she hoped). Ira had already helped her, and she was determined to help him in turn.

"Final battle huh? What does that mean, exactly?" Keeping her voice whisper-quiet, but loud enough for those in their group to hear. Lydia had had enough adventures in the Neitherworld (and on Crystallis) where things had gone sour, to stay alert.
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Re: never late <3

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"...couldn't we help?" Lydia was sure she wasn't the only one thinking it, even as she kept her voice low.
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Okay, yeah--that's disturbing. (Horror game and all right?)

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Admittedly, Lydia wished she'd looked away. Cowardly yes, but she wished she had done as Ira warned. She hadn't, and there's a moment where she just...blinks. Trying to process it properly.

Not that she hadn't seen horrifying things, scary things, terrifying and haunting and creepy things in the Neitherworld. It was the land of the dead, with powers that warped reality and twisted it. Her best friend being one of the most powerful ghosts with said reality warping abilities too.

But what she'd just seen...the cruelty of it.

That was what horrified her--the utter cruelty. That not only was it happening, but that the little girl felt as if she had every right to do that. No remorse, not even a hint. That was true evil, as far as Lydia was concerned.

It seemed only a second or two that she was stunned (even if it felt longer), and then she was wrapping her arms around herself. Trying to not shake, swallowing to find her breath and taking a deep one.

"We have our Job-powers...but against a being that can twist reality to their own ends." Quietly at first, then speaking to everyone. Even though it hurt--that they couldn't help. "We'd have to know their weaknesses, what they're vulnerable against and how to exploit it, and we'd have to be clever because it'd only work once. If we tried..."

Still determined to offer, the desire to help others is clear. (Maybe that's why she was summoned to Crystallis, instead of someone else from her world. Certainly it was what made her try and be a Hero.)

[Lydia is used to some disturbing things in the Neitherworld. But the callousness, the willfulness and lack of caring?--that's True evil. She's not used to that.]
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A year and a half late

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[He's mostly safe until the groups start breaking apart, some getting ready to leave with Zo to face Ruana, others staying behind, out of self-preservation or pure necessity. One of the faces who finally does notice him is the latter. She may be trickier to recognize - she's one of those who is still trapped in her de-glamoured wireframe body - but she seems to realize who he is instantly.

She limps over, favoring one of her legs, but waits until she's closer before calling his name out. Softly, out of habit.]

Ira! You- You got back!

[One of Zo's portals must have opened to his world somehow. Somehow. They don't know quite how but...]
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[She takes his arm gratefully, using it to steady herself.]

It's... Shion thinks it's sprained. We were fighting Riki and dropped the elevator so we could knock him outside the Tower. I landed badly.

[She still can't believe it's him, that he's actually here. Her grip on his arm might be a little tight.]
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Better late than never

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Cloud frowned as he followed Ira along. He had a bad feeling about this portal when they found it, but seeing as he was one of the best equipped Heroes he pushed past that sinking feeling. If one of his allies needed to be protected while they were here he'd do it.

But as they walked along, as he watched and listened to Ira, as he took in their surroundings, he wondered if he was still out of his league. " everything okay? You seem a bit-"

He stopped, cut off by his friend's muttering. He stopped in his tracks, frowning as he looked at him. "Maybe we should leave this world now. Before we encounter anything."
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Re: aw ye

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Cloud was taken by surprise just a little bit at Ira's reply. He'd known the young man to be firey and serious, but also friendly and laid back. The tone here was different, and his eyes looked haunted in a way he hadn't seen before. The flicker of the collar glanced across Cloud's vision, but it was gone before he could be sure he saw it.

The word wasn't precisely familiar to him, but it was close enough that he could get the implication behind it.

As the darkness burst forth Cloud took a step back, more out of surprise than fear, and more directly at the suddenness of it than at Ira and his change of look. In that instant Cloud couldn't help but worry he'd been caught in some trap, but he was relieved to see his friend seemed okay. And rather than pester him with questions, the blonde opted to trust the silver haired youth.

"Right. Lead the way. I've got your back."