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Open Post ☼ 02 | ❝The strength to protect what I want to...❞

Final Fantasy XIII | Strength: ◆◆◆○○
Final Fantasy XIV | Strength: ◆◆◆○○
A young lady who plunged herself into the fragments of Dalamud to uncover the truth of the Seventh Umbral Calamity and the fate of her grandfather, Louisoix.

Final Fantasy XIV | Strength: ◆◆◆◆○ | info
Losing most of her family a young age, this mage-turned-knight began her life anew as a refugee in the city of Ul'dah where she gained the recognition of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.
Final Fantasy XIV |Strength: ◆◆◆◆○
A quiet child who sticks to her protector's side. She detests violence and blames herself for Fray's death as he and Sidurgu defended her from Temple Knights.

Final Fantasy XIV | Strength: ◆◆◆◆○
Leaving her older siblings to prove herself a warrior and to shake off the family's dishonor, she made her way to Eorzea. Adopted by a biracial couple, she aids them in their adventures.
Kingdom Hearts | Strength: ◆◆◆◆○
The only named Keyblade Master in her group of friends, Aqua sacrificed her Keyblade and armor to save a possessed Terra. She nowwanders the darkness in hopes to one day be reunited with her friends.

Kingdom Hearts | Strength: ◆◆◆○○
A witch with power over memories, she made blames herself for her actions at the orders of her captors. Leaving a breadcrumb trail for the others, she righted the wrongs she made before returning to Kairi's heart.
Kingdom Hearts | Strength: ◆◆◆◆○
A copy of Riku, his memories had been replaced as a part of the Organization's schemes to bring Sora to their side. He was defeated by the real Riku after killing Zexion.
GAME HISTORY: The sole survivor of his timeline, he became an informant inside the Evil Alliance to protect Xion and Naminé.

refer to the list above for active muses.
post "calling" one of them out — you can do so by putting their name in the subject line!
can be informal/formal/comment spam/crosscanon/explicit/whatever tickles your fancy!
feel free to make up a scenario at the start, or wait to see where things go.
if you cannot think of a scenario, feel free to pick one from the choices below.

prompt ideas. + full muselist.
mindfuck meme the cuddle meme the last words meme the emotional import meme the friendship meme the nightmare meme the cheer up meme the angst meme the family meme the bad ending meme the good ending meme the hug meme
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Aqua, emotional import. Sob.

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[It was a painful realization, a dawning that came too late -- one that cost a good friend of a friend his life...

The boy with blue hair settles against the bed he lay in the morning after that fateful full moon, gritting his teeth at the memory. He'd spent so long alone, able to keep himself off those thoughts, taking comfort in how his companions were safe...and yet, there are some days he drifts and recalls some of the worst memories he holds so tightly to his heart. Maybe it was a fear of having history repeat itself -- maybe it was that vain hope that something could have been changed had he noticed sooner. He made a commitment to himself to protect everyone he could. And yet he couldn't save the life of a single person, someone who, while distant and gruff, had cared in his own way.

The flat expression on his face just seems all the more forced even as he steps out to face the day ahead.]
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gets the tissue box ready

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[ The night seemed to be a rather long one, filled with a restless energy. This feeling kept recurring every month, almost as though it peaked when the moon shone full. Yet this was different somehow; like the restlessness was replaced with a deep feeling of dread she could not place.

A star burned brightly through the oddly green sky before disappearing again.

... The next morning was eerily quiet as she did her usual routine, heading out to the park and shrine. As luck would have it, a friend's dorm was on the way. It wasn't intentional, as it was the shortest path to take, but as she was passing she couldn't help hearing the door opening. Looking up--]

Arisato-kun? [Why did she have a sinking suspicion something had occurred?]
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gently takes half the tissues

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[...he looks up, and forces himself to maintain that stoic expression when he sees her. There's a dullness to it that most certainly was not there before; although he does try his best to keep up appearances, a part of him was certain that she would figure it out at some point.

The only part that worried him was 'when'.]

...hey. Something wrong?

[Automatic as it might have was the first thing that came to mind at the time.]
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gives a blanket too. also hot cocoa

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[Aqua raises an eyebrow.]

Shouldn't I be asking you that?

[She wasn't raised around two boys for nothing. Especially her older 'brother', who tried so hard not to show some things even if his outbursts were kind of...very clear.]

The stars have been rather dim of late.
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[...well, that certainly didn't take long. From the way he looked at his shoes for longer than necessary, he seemed to be acknowledging that he was probably not the person to be asking such things...

He does look back up at her, though, when she mentions the stars, and blinks a little, before settling his gaze on the sky.]

...were they? They seemed the same last night to me...

[...or maybe I'm still trying to convince myself that last night was a dream.]
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[Aqua shakes her head. Call it intuition, but when she first met Minato... the look in his eyes had reminded her of the empty stare in Ven's eyes when he had first been taken in by her father and master. Lately, he had seemed more lively... but the distance in his gaze was telling.]

I don't mean the stars in the sky above. [She motions for him to walk with her. She wasn't going to ask outright, because as dense and protective as she could be... she was beginning to think that it wasn't going to work to just demand he talk, knowing him how long she did.]
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Because GMail stinks at keeping us up to date? :|

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[He falls into step with her. Somewhat listlessly, but he does manage to keep himself together to some extent -- not that it bears much weight now that she's seen through him. It's almost funny, being on the receiving end of his own oddly-keen perception...

It's just that he had far too much on his mind to really laugh.]
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She knows better than to linger in Thebes, much less stop her stride in the middle of the crowded center of the city- yet. Yet, Meg's eyes are drawn to the blonde teenager in a white dress curled into herself nervously by the fountain. The girl's blue eyes are darting around uncertainly. The kid sticks out like a sore thumb.

All Meg can do is wonder what she's getting herself into as she approaches.

"Hey, kid. You lost?" Any attempt at gruffness on her part falls flat. Her expression soft and curious if anything.
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/flips a table at gmail 8(

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There had been so many worlds she wanted to see, so many places she wanted to visit before she did what she knew she had to. She'd seen so many of them in the memories of those four, sensed the emotions they had visiting those sites. Maybe it was childish and risky, with the Organization actively seeking Roxas but with Axel, she should have been fine...

Until they were separated in the crowd at the sight of another person in a black coat, anyway. They'd split up, Axel promising to find her after he led whoever it was away. He'd been the one to let her escape in the first place, so she believed it at first. Had hope that he would be alright.

That was an hour ago, and having been waiting at the fountain for ten minutes already, she wonders if she should run through a corridor and escape to Twilight Town. There's just one problem with that idea, and it's the crowd. She can't in good conscience flee from here when someone could accidentally follow her, and breaking the world order wasn't high on her "things to do" list even if she didn't-

Naminé blinks. She looks around, then at the local woman who stopped. Part of her was hoping that it was some other kid she was talking to, but it looks as though it wasn't the case.

"I was waiting for someone," she says quietly, unable to keep the shade of worry from her voice no matter how much she inwardly winced at any false emotion escaping her. "He promised he'd meet me here, but..."

It wasn't a complete lie, but being unable to find Riku or Axel with the threat of the Organization finding her. if they decide to send lesser Nobodies to this world to fight in the Games or worse.
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Mr. Villiers; Friendship x TFLN = WIN

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SNOW I'M SO BORED. Let's hang out. I don't even care what we do, I just need to take a break from this stupid leather working project.
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Sure thing, Zi! Sure you don't have any preferences?

[Ten seconds later -]

So I hear there's a bit of a problem with some local wildlife going on a rampage. You in?
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#YOLO/#YOLALAYH - Also: So a Sentinel and a DPS walk into a bar...

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Nah. You've always got fun ideas. Lay it on me.

[ Case in point... ]

See? This is what I'm talking about. Of course I'm in! Where are we headed?
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Everything dies or facepalms at the constant STEELGUARD!!!1!

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Not too far from your neck of the woods. Looks like just outside somewhere called Forgotten Springs?

[He's squinting at the map now while getting on his very riding on a motorcycle. And texting. Things you should never do at home, kids.]
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/casually pretends these tags aren't late as friggin hell? HALO????????

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I'll meet you at Little Ala Mhigo then. I can show you the way from there. Probably knock some Amalj'aa heads along the way, sound good?

[ She sends off that text before easily hauling herself up into Iskandar's saddle for the teleport spell. ]
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[ She couldn't have possibly gotten out of Coerthas fast enough. No, okay, screw that noise. That place is WAY too damn cold! Still, it's the price she pays to see her friends and companions, to do what needs to be done for the good of the Realm or even just the wife of a bed-ridden merchant. It's one of those things that can't be avoided, yet makes coming back home to a warm house in Thanalan that much better.

From the moment she's through their door Ziva is shedding her clothes as she goes, at least being courteous enough to scoot them off to the side so they aren't a tripping hazard. The sound of the bath and the warmth in the air immediately puts her at ease. The scent of burning candles and books both new and old relaxes her, but it's the scent of one person in particular that her hunters nose picks up on and both excites and soothes her now. The little woman is actually here. It isn't all that often that they're both in at the same time unplanned.

So, yeah, sorry Sid, were you trying to read in bed? Well your wife is cold and sleepy and maybe also feeling just a little bit more affectionate than usual.

So without much notice Ziva is going to just crawl into bed next to you, wrap her arms around your waist, and bury her face against your neck with a slow, deep inhale and eyes closed. Her skin is still a bit chilly but who cares? ]
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[Having cleansed herself of the mud and grit that came with training with her fathers, she decided to relax in her private chambers and curl up with tome in hand. Heavens know she had a plethora to choose from, and it was one of the rare times that naught would be interrupting her.

No calls to aide her fathers and their surrogate family in battle, no major threat to the realm at large to be dealt with just yet. Just her, the scent lit candles, of lavender and azeyma roses, and the scent of parchment. The only thing that could probably make it any better would be-

With the sound of the hot tub in the corner still cycling out any remnants of sweat and dirt, she hardly heard the sound of the door click shut. The shifting weight of the mattress was her only indicator before suddenly cold arms hugging her thin waist and warm breath at her neck. Sid shudders a little, but snugs her wife a little as she maneuvers her tome slightly so that the other could take a peek; thus avoiding the usual question of "what are you reading?" while getting comfortable once more.]

How were the foothills of Abalathia? Still as chilly as ever, I see.

[Honey y u no go into tub first the water's still so very warm and perfect for chilled bones.]
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[ Her usual answer to that question might have been "Cold." but her wife was already a step ahead. Not that Ziva minded this, and grinned before offering a soft kiss of apology against the side of her throat. ]

Mm, wish you could've seen the sunset today, but I brought you a surprise.

[ Which she'll present (which will require relocating her jacket) once she's had a chance to warm up a bit. Readjusting so that she can rest more comfortably and see what book is in Sid's hands- ah, and there. Perfect. Never mind that she'll have to give this up again in a moment to gift said surprise, for now everything is exactly as it should be. ]

Meanwhile, how was training today with your folks? Anything interesting happen while I was away?

[ Re baths: Because baths aren't fun or warm enough without bae!!! ]
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LETS DO THIS. Vat!Riku and Vat!Silver because frienemies are the best.)

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[Ok. This curse sucks. He lived through it once. He can do it again.

Why does he have to be stuck within a five metre radius of the person he's not sure about? hates? fears? Respects??!! It's awkward, but -

He's lasted two days so far without snapping at Riku. So far. Even if his patience is wearing thing and he wants to poke and prod and make merry hell. (He didn't end up with a RoD keyblade once for nothing, despite all his attempts at being a better person.)

But he's better than that, even if Shae-the-Espeon is being a greedy-guts for all the pats and petting in the bubble.
] Are you done yet, princess?

[He's a better person, really. Yet honestly. He'd like to get sword-practice in sometime today, and he really needs to get a new stock of supplies to make Shiko - his crobat-'s diet, and stock up on other things. Like filling the locked fridge with eggs.]
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I've been done. This one, however...

[Look, Silver, you try to hurry when a giant tiger that looks like it came out of a Lisa Frank coloring book is sitting on you. And refusing to move because it's asleep and clearly he makes the best pillow.

brbstealingpknm: (The Stupid hurts)

Pffttt. Riku under dreameater fluffpile. Yes good.

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Just shove it off. Arceus, it's not that hard.

[Weird eyesearing Not Pokemon Thing notwithstanding (whoever came up with it needs to be shot, if you ask Silver), that's what Silver would do - will do, if given half a chance to be a jackarse. Yet, he's got a decent (hard earned) respect for things that could chomp on him.] Or am I stuck with that much of a bleeding heart?
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I hope this works! IRA COME ANNOY HIM

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So, it is true.

[He'd heard the rumours of course - how could he not when he made an effort to at least communicate with the rest of those he'd revived with - screaming at and attempting to encase 'Axel' in ice, and resultant bed-rest (enforced) notwithstanding. Once he'd been allowed to do Work, he'd buried himself in the familiar, welcome escape of Science.

And then the rumours had come. No. ii Replica had survived. Had been around.

Was here, in front of him, and there was an itch at the back of his mind, in the way he fiddled with the pencil as he tapped it on his desk even as his other hand found clean paper, the tilt of his head and the glint of his eyes that all spoke of a desire to examine, to poke and prod at his creation.

For now, he resisted it. He did have a heart after all, he wasn't completely without morals (but oh how he wished he was....).
] Sit.

[On the scales - no. He gestured to a chair. Sit, stand, whatever, just sat in one place while he scribbled down his most immediate observations on the Replica of Riku, once known as Ixion in his personal notes before it'd been deemed unsuitable for the Organisation's uses.] What of no. i? Did it survive too?
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Is it that surprising? [He asked, a hint of amusement in his tone as he did as asked, sitting in the chair offered. Without even being asked, the Replica then pulled a file folder from his pack, sliding it to the scientist.

Aeleus had already expressed that Even would be intrigued with the nature of his survival, thus he'd taken to writing down what he recalled from the files he'd come across himself. Though at the last comment, any semblance of amusement faded into odd melancholy for what Even likely recalled.]

...How long it's been since anyone has mentioned her. [He momentarily glanced away, but recalling himself, responded.] Xion was destroyed by Roxas' hands in a forced confrontation. Most have forgotten she ever existed at all.

[He hated that it had taken him so long, to break the chains binding him in the Realm of Sleep. Maybe if he had been just a little faster, he could have saved her. With his borrowed power, or with the power he'd learned there.]
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[In the file folder, there were pages of data in Ira's rather practiced hand. Pages pertaining to physical data, growth charts that a goddess from another world had helped him keep once she had learned of his nature. Heights (the latest being 176cm), weight changes, illustrations and photos of his (second) growth spurt. The last one had another, shorter girl with black hair who looked almost as though she was a resident of Halloween Town, practically clinging to him and making a funny face for the camera. One page, however, was different than the others. While it listed a similar growth pattern to the millimeter and gram, it also included world history, and was printed rather than handwritten.]

Name: Numberless Vessel
Date of Creation: Sep. 9, year unknown
Collar Fluid: Violet - Artificial construct, must add more binding agent.
Greatest Fears: Loss of individuality, loss of control, discovery, itself.
Destruction: Eight wireframes used. Shows a growing resistance to sedation agents.
Special Notes: Extremely volatile for a subject. Also assisted in the destruction of the main power system. A red collar unit has been assigned to watch his continued movements within the Tower.

Zo has lost his grip on Replica "no. ii", and while the child can sense this puppet's soul, it is without his reach. My current hypothesis is that something, or someone, else has a stronger barrier power of our youngest member. This calls for further testing.
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Yes. [ It's true, and perhaps far, far shorter than any answer Vexen would have give, but he's not Vexen; not truly, and with his heart back, well. He knows he's respected and valued and needed. Funny the difference having a heart makes, isn't it?] Perhaps you were my finest.

I see. A pity, yet no great loss in the end, given Sora is around... [It is a loss and as detached as he wants to appear, his eyes narrow, jaw tightening. He never did take well to the loss of an experiment, and Xion's death is no different. Yet he can question no. ii over it later.

He had files to look through. He didn't expect them - yet this creature had talked to Aeleus at some point, clearly. Even takes them anyway, flipping through with a practiced eye even as his mind is on other things, of doing the same thing with the project notes on no. i - Xion, they'd called her. Yet, it doesn't take him long to be fully engrossed in what he's reading - copying every point of data down on his own papers for later dissection. It's as close as he'll get to dissecting the creature - person - in front of him.

(some part of him thinks it's a pity, yet that part is ruthlessly squashed. If he gets a chance to take his own measurements, it will not include dissection or data collections. Not when they need all the help they can gather against Xehanort, and he will not endanger the efforts of others because he wants to be selfish in regards to his creation.)

It'll do. He's not going assume he could keep it, either.
] Interesting, I assume the handwriting comes from Riku... Hmm.

[ He flips another to another page, and pauses, before turning the second growth chart around and tapping his finger against it.] Care to explain... Ira. I don't recall programming you to grow, then revert, and grow again.
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[The tiny bit of pride tasted like bile in the back of his throat, but he swallowed it back.]

Nah. Just luckier. [In this timeline, he thought, knowing full well what other versions of him were doing at this point in time. He'd seen enough of that, before Zo lost his grip and he was summoned elsewhere with his soul intact within his own body again.]

In part. A moogle named Lin helped me make it my own.

[There was no shortness of gratefulness for the creature, either. Though the amount of annoyance in his tone would likely be enough to tell that he did not appreciate going through that growth spurt a second time.]

It's a little complicated, but yeah. [He gestures to the first file.] Not long after Marluxia's and Zexion's demise, the World as a whole was destroyed. The fragments survived through a sort of link between my existence and reality via the "butterfly effect" in a world filled with the souls of the survivors. The "growth" in this chart is what they projected it would be over time due to Riku's future growth patterns, and simulated with me during my "stay" in their world.

The second one is what I actually experienced once my connection to that world was interrupted, and our World restored.
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[ As soon as the trouble had started, she'd been down in the town, doing her best to fend it off with her own magics. With the King away, and the defences provided by the castle, it'd be easy to assume nothing would attack this world - not after they'd driven the Heartless back and dealt with Pete and Maleficent.

How wrong they'd been.

Now, even as she protected her citizens from Heartless and Nobodies as they fled to the castle, Minnie couldn't deny she was worried about how she'd make it back to the castle unharmed, nor that she was sorely wishing Mickey still possess the starshard. She'd sent word to Yen Sid, and he'd said he'd send someone to help, yet...

No. She must have faith. She was a Queen, and her actions set an example for everyone. Even if she fell, she'd see to it they were safe.

A breath, and she cast another Pearl-spell, driving, but not destorying, the Heartless back from her postion at the rear of those feeling to safety.
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So about that Star Shard...

[personal profile] darkshield 2016-09-22 10:35 am (UTC)(link)
[They'd been in the middle of training Lea and Kairi when Yen Sid sensed the danger. With Mickey on an active search elsewhere, attempting to find traces of the "true Organization" he was the only one who could have made it in time. With a little help of course.

Thus in a flash of light, the newest Master arrives just in time to see the citizens flight toward the castle, and the Pearl spell being cast. Yen Sid was right to suggest it, using the old star shard. Opening a path to the Lanes Between would have taken too long.]

Your Majesty!

[Hopefully that was enough of a clue, as well as his brief bow, to his presence. Especially as he casts Stop on those closest to her and the fleeing citizens.]