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Terra ([personal profile] quakega) wrote in [community profile] sunset_horizons 2014-06-17 05:32 am (UTC)

[There is no frame of reference anywhere in the Lingering Will's fragmented memory for spells involving balloons. As such, that split second of 'wtf'-induced hesitation is all that's needed for Balloonga to hit.

It hurts, and it feels a lot like some kind of weird Water-type spell, and it takes the armor a few seconds after recovery to try and process this. The aura of anger in the air has abated and it stands straight, looking right at Riku with it's 'head' tilted in an obvious display of confusion.

It could be the proximity to the Guardian used by the aformentioned 'boom box' that's making it capable of even feeling confusion, let alone letting it actually stop so soon into a fight.]
Was that... a spell based on balloons?

[... not sure what's worse - that it sounds confused, or that it almost sounds... amused.]

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