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3-10; going to also use 1-11

[It all started with a rumor. Certain words spoken softly in certain circles. Of all the places for a mystic artifact of untold power to be hidden. Earth. Midgard. The mortal realm.

Of course, Loki had already figured out that Earth was the proverbial trash can of the universe and that every advanced race had dumped those things they "DO NOT WANT" on the small planet with an enormous population. Who knows what else would show up on this planet.

But Loki had every intention of liberating this one artifact. Which was why, he was standing outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art wearing a black sleeveless dress with a forest green, floral patterned halter collar and overlay. He had styled his hair differently, not slicking it back, but letting it flow loosely around his shoulders. He had magicked the hair from his legs for the occasion. And he was wear black stilettos and had gold bangles around each wrist. A simple gold necklace with an emerald snake pendent hung about his neck.

Why sneak in and steal the artifact, when he could walk in with the rest of the museum's visitor's swap the artifact with an illusion and walk right back out and back to Asgard? At least, that's the plan today.]

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