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(I'm hearing cackling from across the internets. Dis gonna b guud)

The loud buzzling noises and the roars of engines of an unfamiliar design were peculiar enough without the queer sight of Magitek that, as passing familiar she'd grown with the devices in her travels o'er the realms, left her perplexed. The strange stares she received from random passerbys due to her garb made her feel rather unnerved to the point of pondering if they thought it were a costume for All Saints Wake. How those of ancient Allag must feel to have their fashion choices critiqued so...

Though those thoughts would need to wait, for she would be blind not to notice that particular fashion of armour.

"I must say, to think it would pull more than simply my person..." The mage muttered under her breath, placing a hand to her chin. Mayhap she had miscalculated...? No, the spell had worked perfectly. "Ah-!"

Oh dear, he too had espied her presence. Naught but the crowd around them prevented her from drawing her rod from her back, but as it were... it was best to ware thee unknown. This realm, like its citizens, were just that.

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