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1 ☬ ℬlack powers of ℰld woven by their ℋand

Who: Sergeant Samar and you
Where: All across Eorzea/your choice
Warnings: We are stretching that T rating as far as we can. Also potential storyline spoilers for FFXIV: ARR.

Option 1
[It had been a long time since she left the shadows of caverns in the shroud. In fact, it had been since the last time she went hunting with her clan. Though generally speaking, that meant "hunting" the goods of others. Though leaving for the desert city of Ul'dah on the next caravan was certainly a bit more bold, considering her own pride and distaste for most outsiders.

At least in company of her relatives.

It's a long journey from the south Shroud to Ul'dah, though - and she is far from the only passenger on this chocobo-led wagon. Perhaps conversation could be had, if you dare to speak with a duskwight.]

Option 2
[A "family" huh? An odd one, that Minfilia - already referring to her as a part of the Scion family when most other Hyurs would sooner write her off as a common thief or ruffian for her skin. Perhaps there was a noble trait in that kind of naivety.

Or maybe she's just being contemplative as she sits there in the Waking Sands, relaxing before being sent out on her first mission as a Scion.How ironic, that one who preferred the night and coolness of the caves would be chosen to help bring about a new dawn.

Either way she's being eerily quiet. Perhaps it best that someone prod her lest she doze off.]

Option 3
[This is the "other" option. Feel free to make up your own scenarios whether it be fluffy or feels!]

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