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ardyn izunia ([personal profile] impatienttraveler) wrote in [community profile] sunset_horizons2017-01-07 07:37 pm

In the Dark of the Night

Who: Ardyn the Walking Spoiler and the dear Prince Noctis
Where: Ruins of Aqures Tosf, Crystallis
What: AU where the two Kings were summoned to Crystallis to aide the dying planet. The powers that be clearly did not choose wisely.
Warnings: It's Ardyn. I think that's a sufficient warning, don't you?

There were many things he had foreseen. Revenge definitely was part of the bargain, though this particular ruin... Well now, this was a surprise. As was the fact that upon waking, one of the lesser fiends had deigned to see him as easy prey. Yet when he moved to call forth a blade to defend himself, none came save the unfamiliar sword that had been beside him upon waking.

Oh, the young prince was going to owe him far more than the satisfaction his ancestor and the gods owed him already.

Yet that was all at least a turn of an hour ago, and it had become plain that they were not likely to find a swift exit so soon. Of course, he wasn't about to leave the helpless prince behind so soon. Though when he heard the young man grunting as he began to stir, he just couldn't help the slight tang of annoyance and impatience in his otherwise mellifluous voice.

"Ahh, finally awake?" How ever did his retainers manage?

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