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This is an open entry for any interactions with "Sid" for close CR. Feel free to start a thread or request a thing if you desire~

One day I will update icons to mach her Raen appearance. Today is not that day.
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[Unlike the Sylphs, Kiehl had to go into the forests to get his own meals. Be it hunting, fishing, or gathering; he didn't eat like a Sylph. He's still sometimes unsure if what they "eat" is actually to sustain themselves or...

He's better off not thinking too much on this. Sylphs made for odd company.

Today was a good day for fishing though, and he caught enough for the next. He had the leather satchel with his catch and rod tied against his axe as he headed back to Little Solace.

It's then that he sees Sidhil. Or, well....seeing isn't the right word. More like they both kind of ended up making physical contact with each other. Seeing is definitely not the word we want to use. He instinctively places his hands on her shoulders to make sure she doesn't fall and they both can steady themselves.

Ah, wait. Is something wrong? Are you okay?

[He hasn't gotten a good look at her yet, more concerned about her well-being. She seemed like she was in a rush, and that could mean all sorts of things when it came to the wilderness in the Shroud.]

You aren't hurt, are you?
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[He doesn't say anything for a moment.]

Ah. Well, I never expected to run into another in the Black Shroud of all places. [If Sidonia finally looks up, she'll be greeted by scales and horns much like her own. The only real difference may be the dark scales scattered amongst light scales. He holds out his hand to her to help her up.]

It may be safer to move to slightly safer ground. We're not particularly in harms way, but I wouldn't say we're far enough that there isn't potential danger.

[He's curious about her. Never has he met another Au ra that wasn't his parents before they never returned home.]
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[He smiles gently and helps her to his feet.]

I would not want to invite hostility in a place like this. If you truly wanted hostility, you can easily go into Gridania. I'm sure they can give you plenty. [It's a bit of a cynical joke. But he does not have terribly high opinion of the folks of Gridania as a whole.] Why ask for it to come?

[He wonders if he should ask her to accompany him back to Little Solace. He isn't sure how to go about these things. He isn't particularly gifted with being social with others that weren't the Sylphs, much less someone that was of the same race as him.]

Ah, but I suppose I caught you while you were busy. You seemed to be in an awful hurry.
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If you truly wanted to be harassed here, you would have chosen being a Duskwight anyways.

[Kiehl never traveled passed the three city-states, but Limsa had definitely been one of the more hospitable cities. Ironic as it's teaming with pirates.]

They don't get more manageable. [His father's own studies had made him curious to dabble in magic outside of Conjury. He recalls he has been slacking a bit in that regard, but lets the thought settle in the back of his mind.] I have a few books that may assist though. I wouldn't guarantee 100% success though. It didn't do much to help me at the very least.

[Wait...] Ah...I must be coming off a bit too forward.
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For Sid

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The Wood Waller captain had sent him after another adventurer. W'Shain didn't argue with him. No reinforcements could be sent and an adventurer could aid another freely without any obligations to tie them down.

Besides it gave him targets to put down.

The clearing with the old tree truck in it, is a wide space sheltered by rock and thick foliage. To get a good vantage point he'd slipped up the rocky terrain to the upper rim. Standing up above with his spear held in his right hand he can see the struggle below. A carbuncle and a robed figure are battling with treants and the children of the monsters.

Unfortunately the former is not obeying the later and seems to be playing more than fighting. As one treant whips a limb back to deal with the caster, he takes a step. Another. The ground becomes a blur and he leaves it behind, diving down like an arrow right into his target. The shock of impact sends agony up his legs he'll feel later. Right now, with his own furious roar shaking the clearing like a dragon's bellowing cry.

He is immortal.
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He flips off the treant's limb as it begins to fail. As loudly as he'd announced himself, he is eerily silent now. The purpose he'd come for is at hand and no hunter will ever talk while in the middle of downing their quarry.

Not the good ones at least. He drops down, sweeping his spear low to scatter the smaller opponents like they're blades of grass hit with a fierce wind. He notes the addition of the new carbuncle only dimly as he puts himself in the path of a creature heading for the other adventurer.

Naturally the treant is enraged and lashes out at him. He sways to the side, noting how slow the beast is compared to other prey he's taken down. It left its eye wide open and with no remorse he stabs at it.