crowncharm: (Confusion ♛ The point he can't see it)
Sora ([personal profile] crowncharm) wrote in [community profile] sunset_horizons 2014-06-09 06:30 am (UTC)

Huh? [That night twelve years ago? It would've been after they met Aqua, so...

He furrows his brow in thought, as he tries to recall it. It takes him a couple of seconds, but the realization that dawns on him is plain for all to see.]
Oh, that's right. Someone was sad, and you told me that I should open my heart up and listen.

[Which... he had. He hadn't understood what had happened at the time, and the memory had been faded and faint. But now?

Now, the memory replays in his mind almost too clearly, the conversation he'd had with the injured heart more easily understood.

An injured heart seeking a safe place to rest and heal, and a little boy granting him that if 'it would make him happy'.

He looks back at Mickey, and then at Riku, and nods.]
That must've been him.

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