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XVII ☆ Sacred Distance

Who: Yu Narukami
Where: The Tower Graveyard
Warnings: Feels punches and protags; they go hand-in-hand.

There was no telling how long he had been there in the wastes, watching silently as time passed. Every second only meant another passed that he could do nothing, and that meant that he would likely be soon used as some power source and die like his friends. In fact, part of him started to wish for it.

Yet didn't that also mean that all hope for his world, the one that they had spent so much energy in an attempt to protect and save it, and all the efforts of the others - would it have been all for nothing? What was he supposed to do if he couldn't even protect those who called him their leader?

Or... any of his most precious friends...

His mind would always wander back, to that hellish place where he himself learned again of what emptiness Adachi had spoken of what seems like an eternity ago. He understood that mindset now, but hated it all the same. There were just some things that months - maybe even years for all he knew - could never change. He would never fall into the same mindset, nor forgive himself for killing due to games in the tower. Though the look on Jason's face was priceless.

Though waking up in the stark contrast of white, finding oneself on a pod bed and wearing the white jumpsuit...


The moment he could move again, he took the jumpsuit that looked like his old school jacket out of the chest next to what was likely his new pod bed, ignored the notes, and headed downstairs. Who knew how much time passed. That didn't matter so much to him. What mattered was how many of the social links he could sense again once he awakened.

A few of them were still there - who knows if they remembered or not, and what all changed - and he needed to know for sure who it was that still were around. The fastest way? Checking to see who weren't. After all, who knew if they changed a few rooms around again?

So he found himself silently stopping by the graveyard. Silently, because part of him may have forgotten how to words, and another of who would he even speak to? Phantoms?

...Heeeee'd rather not.

Instead he stands by his uncle from another universe's tombstone, simply staring at it for a moment. Should have guessed he and the others - except one of the Yukikos, it seems - wouldn't be here. Even Naoto and Yosuke, who had been here for so much longer than him.

...But what was that in front of a blank tombstone between Dojima-san's and Rise's?

He bends down to study it, a little confused for a moment as he looks at the intricate design of what appears to be some sort of seashell. He'd never seen one with colors like this, and for a while he wondered who it was left for. Not who left it, because that one was literally on the tip of his tongue.]


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