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I'm late and I brought Starbucks this time I swear!

The Crystalborn
A group of individuals blessed by the Mothercrystal, and Bringers of Light to their respective nations. No matter what age, race, nation or creed, they were chosen for a purpose: that purpose being to banish the darkness that threatens to consume the realm... and oppose Ascian influence upon the desperate...

...And complete dorks, aside.

This is a mingle post for the Nine Instructors - as well as any potential members of the Free Company. Make your own top comments, and comment to your fellow Warriors of Light!
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allumette honeycutt | ul'dah emissary, "founder"

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[ if you find her in ul'dah, you had better be quick--she's in her immortal flames uniform, racing through the streets. it always seems like there's too much to do, between expert deliveries, levequests, guildhests, and so many other things. she helps out when she can at the adventurer's guild, shepherding new adventurers and leading them on their way.

in limsa lominsa, you'll find her hanging around the bismark, and enjoying herself quite a bit with some ale and food, and with a few people... maybe. (you might even be one of her guests!) but you'll most often see her alone, and far away from the edge of the stone ground. she doesn't want to be anywhere near the water while she's eating her mole loaf, thank you.

in gridania, it's the most curious thing--she's equipped as a botanist, flying on her feet from tree to tree, lugging lavender, olives, and such in big bags. whatever could she be doing?

but perhaps you're neither here nor there, and you're in mor dhona. this is the one and only place allumette sits down, and simply people watches. there is a lot to do here--but so many adventurers are glad to do her job for her, and, well... after doing so much work everywhere else, she finds it easy to relax. ]
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gridania go~

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[ this was not the first time she ever saw someone running around with large bags of goods through the woods. in fact more oft than not she found the occasional botanist as she remained perched carelessly on a tree branch above them, gently strumming on the harp in her hands. this was her home, after all - amongst the boughs.

though she couldn't help but give pause when she saw this particular walking one. ]

Mayhap if I may offer a bit of...assistance? [ those are some big bags, okay. even for a master-crafter such as herself. ]
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[ allumette cranes her head upwards, squinting against the light before she smiles. oh, it's just her. ]

Good morn, Y'akeno.

[ she looks back to the three bags she has slung over her shoulders, and shifts one. ]

Are you sure that's wise?
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Good morn, Allumette.

[ she chuckles behind her hand, but soon finds her tilting her head to one side. ]

I'm not sure I follow...
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[ she grins, near-challenging. ]

I do fight with my fists for a living, friend. You're sure you can support it?

[ allu's teasing--she knows her friend is more than capable. ]

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[Today, Kha'li has found herself in Limsa Lominsa! ... on her way to Costa del Sol, of course. But, seeing a very familiar head of hair has her taking a bit of a detour. What a coincidence, running into Allu here~

So, Allu, at one point or another a pair of hands is covering your eyes from behind! Though, it's probably quite obvious who it is, judging by the muffled laugh - and the fact that the person in question is clearly straining to stand on their toes to accomplish this feat.]
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[ she's blowing bubbles into her water as she awaits her stuffed cabbage--when suddenly, everything goes dark, and she jerks for a moment before...

laughing, and pressing her hands over kha'li's. ]

You gave me a scare, Kha'li.
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[Ah, hands--]

... damn, you're getting good at this.

[But she doesn't sound upset in the least! She slips her hands out from under Allu's, moving to sit in the seat next to her.]
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[ she nudges the seat with her foot, canting her head at kha'li. ]

I make it habit to know who my healer is. [ and she smirks into the rim of her glass. ] I don't know anyone as short as you, friend.

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mor dhona time

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[There's few places that Zeillas likes more than Mor Dhona. Everything about the place is right up his alley. If nothing else he loves to find a high place to sit and just watch the sun set or rise. It's a busy afternoon when he stops by to have his gear repaired, and he's not certain where he's headed next. Deciding to take a break for the moment he heads toward his usual spot, though on the way he's surprised to see a familiar face. He pauses, bowing his head slightly.]

Master Allumette, how pleasant to see you.
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[ allumette glances up when she sees zeillas and smiles. ]

You really needn't be so formal, you know. It's a pleasure to see you. How are you?
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[He smiles agreeably, easing out of the more formal tone he'd adopted.]

Well enough, at least for the time being, though I feel we all share that sentiment.

[And he gestures next to her.] May I join you? It's a lovely view.
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Of not knowing what tomorrow will bring? [ she sighs, though it's halfway content and halfway exasperated. ] I dare say you're right.

Please do. [ she scoots over a bit, even if she doesn't need to. ]

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kha'li lakari | gridania emissary

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[As the official emissary for Gridania, Kha'li's travels bring her to all kinds of different places. But when she isn't roaming the realm, there are three places where she can be reliably found.

The first - Ul'dah. Kha'li's home. It's where she goes by default when she just wants to unwind. ... if you can consider spending time with a fairly rambunctious family of eight other Lalafell "unwinding". If not at home with her family, she can be found running errands for both them or the Immortal Flames, or hanging around the Quicksands or the outer edges of the city and watching the new adventurers take their baby steps toward success. And possibly earning a bit of coin in the process. New adventurers may need guidance and help, but they can't always get it for free. This is Ul'dah, what do you expect?

However, Gridania holds far more responsibilities. Here, if she isn't acting as ambassador for the Elder Seedseer, she's assisting with additional responsibilities in the Conjurer's Guild, overseeing new recruits and generally making sure they aren't doing something incredibly stupid. In addition, she treats new adventurers much the same as she does in Ul'dah - but here, in plain sight of the Seedseers and Brother E-Sumi-Yan, she doesn't take coin as payment nearly as often. She'll gladly take food instead, though.

But, if Kha'li really needs to get away from it all? She can be found in Costa del Sol, either indulging herself in her fascination of the sea, or relaxing and napping in the sunshine.]
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[ oh, friend, she has seen you run around.

when kha'li comes back to the conjurer's guild after an especially rough run around the city, the receptionist will quietly call for her, and bring her a basket. fresh chocolate and sugar is potent in the air as she hands it over; the basket is woven expertly and has designs with colored straw, making out tiny flames. in the basket, in between soft cheesecloth, lies a few pieces of bubble chocolate as well as buttery, dense slice of pineapple ponzecake.

a tag is attached to the handle of the basket, reading from: arenlona in cursive. on the back, do take a rest. ]
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[... well, honestly, when the receptionist calls her over, Kha'li is about 99% sure it's another request or errand to run or something. But seeing a basket of all things, and one obviously filled with sweets if the smell is any indication... She's more than happy to accept it, carrying it over to the steps of a doorway inside the guild and settling down on the edge where she won't get trampled. Lifting that cheesecloth is a very pleasant experience, indeed.

A quick glance at the tag tells her all she needs to know. Her comrades are going to end up spoiling her... but she's definitely not complaining.

So, take a rest she does. And once she's eaten that slice of pineapple ponzecake - chocolate can keep, but cake is best eaten fresh, after all - she's privately contacting Arenlona.]

Hey! Thanks for the basket.
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[ truth be told, she'd expected the thanks to come a little later, if she had time to give thanks at all. when she hears her voice, arenlona can't help but smile and laugh. ]

Not a problem. You seemed quite harried. Even miracle workers need rest.
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[Hey, she's not about to pass by the chance to take a break! Besides, she's pretty sure she's earned it for today.]

Some of these new recruits...

[SIGH. It's more trouble than it's worth, sometimes. They're just not doing it right, and they're not listening, and it really isn't that hard to do this stuff.]

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badra nicot | limsa lominsa emissary

[personal profile] summonthewill 2014-02-20 09:35 pm (UTC)(link)
[There are many things she is wont to do, whether as emissary for the pirate city-state or for the Scions as a whole. Most of the time it is roaming across the realm, but she can always be found in one of four places.

The first: Limsa itself. Whether it be running errands for the guilds or seeing the fresh meat safe to port in the Drowning Wench, she can always be found at a table with a few seats remaining and a Carbuncle beside her feet as she ushers old friend or new faces over for 'friendly' advice and directions. This ship can be rather complex and confusing for the newcomer, after all - no one tells of the day a young duskwight fresh off the ferry from the West would find herself in the Aftcastle instead of the Arcanists' Guild.

Second would be Ul'dah, whether taking care of the more... organizational aspects of the free company with the Immortal Flames, or simply helping a random passerby with a little assistance in some manner (and likely making them piss themselves). However, don't expect her to cast a Resurrection spell for free, were you unfortunate enough to pick a battle you were not prepared for in the Coliseum.

Lastly, in the South Shroud, she can likely be found in or just south of Buscaroon's with two more pale duskwight siblings, picking up artifacts of an age long lost to her people. Whilst she may have forsaken her duskwight name, she still cares for that half of her inherited culture.

Though if she could get away from those responsibilities for a while, she'd likely be found in Revenant's Toll, watching the others run about as they completed their own tasks.]
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Mulled tea or grape juice, my friend?

[ arenlona smiles from behind badra, a pitcher of both in one hand. ]

It seems that the famed envoy has quite a bit on her mind, today. Spare a moment for your thoughts, mayhaps?
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[personal profile] summonthewill 2014-02-21 12:31 am (UTC)(link)
[ ah, Arenlona... Badra would recognize that quiet voice anywhere. she smiles very faintly, turning around in her seat to better look her in the eye. ]

Mulled tea would be lovely, my friend.

[ she motions for her fellow crewmate to join her at the table. ]

Ever the perceptive one, I see... [ despite her attempts to conceal her private musings and calculations. sigh. some of these recruits... ]
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[personal profile] restrainedrage 2014-02-21 01:50 am (UTC)(link)
[ she tips the left pitcher into the goblet in front of her friend before setting both of them down, and sitting next to her. ]

I do make it my job to be.
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[personal profile] summonthewill 2014-03-06 07:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Had I not known any better, I would have guessed you studied the arcanum.

[There's a bit of a flicker of amusement at that sentence. Ah, how oft she would praise the newcomers to the arcanists' guild for their ability to understand reality in order to mold it to their desires. A marauder-turned-warrior? Now that was a rare sight indeed.]

Though since I do, I will spare us the time and say that I was merely reflecting on when I too first arrived in this very city.

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y'akeno lhea | the second-most spoony bard

[personal profile] ofsongandstrings 2014-02-20 10:08 pm (UTC)(link)
[What with her nearly boundless enthusiasm, it sometimes may be hard to miss this particular miqo'te. Though she is known to jump at the opportunity to help others across the realm, there are a handful of locations she is known to stay nearby.

In Gridania, she is oftentimes spotted by the Archers' Guild, laughing about some misadventure with Miah and a very much still grumpy Silvairre, or simply giving more friendly advice to archers just starting out. Especially posture. Lest Silvairre have more "reason" to shed his grump about. Though if not in one guild, she is likely to be found showing greenhorn adventurers to the guilds that hold most interest to them, or simply in the marketplace attempting to sell her wares and crafting them for all to see.

However, there are other times where she can be found in Southern Thanalan. Sometimes making sure that merchants and travelers are safe as they make their way through Zan'rak, other times offering aide to Ala Mihgan refugees. Sometimes it's just playing a song for them while they sip cactus tea, to soothe their spirits and their ills. Who knows? It may have even brought in more of a crowd then she thought it would.

Then there are the times where she has learned to take a break, and what better place to do so then to simply swim in the ocean waters of Costa del Sol? It's a beautiful day, and she is going to enjoy it. ...and possibly build a sandcastle or bury a friend and make them look like a mermaid if they fell asleep on the sand.]
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arenlona alyrtuwyn | amalj'aa ally

[personal profile] restrainedrage 2014-02-20 10:18 pm (UTC)(link)
[ keeping to herself is generally not hard when you're arenlona. she towers over most in crystalborn, and she's quiet, far more inclined to cook, fish, or create what she can with wood.

you can find her in middle la noscea, breathing in the freshness of the open air. she sits near the zephyr gate, sitting on the arch of the bridge as she fishes, idle in thought and a soft smile on her lips. to newcomers who are lost, she takes out her axe and, in a flash of light, personally escorts them to where they are headed. to old friends, she invites them to sit with her, and chats at length as the sun winds down.

if you find her in-town, it's a completely different story; she's stern and unyielding, but holds kindness in her eyes. she does her best to make sure the city is at its best as a warrior, meeting with newcomers and making sure pirates and ruffians are taught that the city won't take what they have to offer. you may see her doing a few fetchquests, to her dismay.

gridania has arenlona incredibly serious and intent. she sits in the carpenter's guild, whittling and making lumber, and when she takes a breath of fresh air, it's to visit and send supplies where they need to be. if you're her friend you may find that a freshly woven basket of freshly baked bread is sitting for you after a day of travelling, adventuring, or otherwise.

and then, in ul'dah, you'll see her head south.

you'll see her take an axe--calmly--to many an amalj'aa, until she's in near the ring of ash.

there, she rests peacefully. ]