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1 ❧ ℱollow the hearts and you will find the way...

Who: Aqua and Kairi
Where: Destiny Islands
Warnings: It's Kingdom Hearts and Keyderps. Feels are imminent even in AU form.

[It had been a long time since she had seen these shores outside of dreams, memories that she'd clung to in her times lost in the darkness and that had nearly faded from her mind. The faces of the two children she met here, and their names - their light had been something that, like that other little one, had kept her hopeful as she felt theirs and so many others hearts still pulsing with the same strength no matter the distance.

Maybe it was that light that made a small miracle, too, as she stood in the waters just on the shoreline as she looked at the clear blue sky. It almost amused her, how much she'd taken just this one small thing for granted.

Or maybe... it was just a lonely reminiscence, like the keyblade that lay in the sands behind her.

Whichever is the case, isn't it a little weird that an outsider be standing there on the play island?]
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[ It had been a while since the Keyblade Wielder returned home after the journey she had. She decided that, for now, to take it easy after such a long battle.

It was odd. So much had transpired in the few years she was active and she was no longer the timid child she started out as. She was a strong warrior now and could stand on her own.

Though, her friends were always her strength - her safety net to fall back on.

She stopped when she noticed a blue-haired female on the shore, thinking she was familiar, but where? Where did she see her before? Could she be someone that she met in passing and hadn't remembered until now?

No, that was silly. Even if they were someone she met like that, she'd be sure to remember her...

--Wait a second.

Oh, how could she be so stupid? Of course Kairi knew her! She was Aqua, the woman who came to visit Riku and her back when they were children! A bright grin broke out on her face and she ran down to the shore, jumping down off the ledge she was standing on. ]