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Open Post ☼ 01 | ❝Hear... Feel... Think...❞

Alisaie Leveilleur
alisaie | Final Fantasy XIV
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Mae Boyd-Wyrmsong
litbydark | Final Fantasy XIV
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Yugiri the Mistwalker
motherofexiles | Final Fantasy XIV
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Y'akeno Lhea
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followthehearts | Kingdom Hearts
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Riku Replica (Ira)
acceptedoblivion | Kingdom Hearts
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Mayu Amakura
followsthebutterflies | Project Zero II
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refer to the list above for active muses.
post "calling" one of them out — you can do so by putting their name in the subject line!
can be informal/formal/comment spam/crosscanon/explicit/whatever tickles your fancy!
feel free to make up a scenario at the start, or wait to see where things go.
if you cannot think of a scenario, feel free to pick one from the choices below.

prompt ideas. + full muselist.
mindfuck meme the cuddle meme the last words meme the emotional import meme the friendship meme the nightmare meme the cheer up meme the angst meme the family meme the bad ending meme the good ending meme the hug meme
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Aqua, why the heck not

[personal profile] dialo 2014-10-05 02:45 pm (UTC)(link)
[They're in a generic SOL jamjar. I said so. Dialo is her younger sibling in their assigned family unit.]

Aqua, would you mind helping make the grocery list?

[For a demon, and for someone whose heart is very very dark (again, demon), Dialo settles ridiculously well into domesticity.]
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( ( Riku + Ira ) * post Animus stuff ) / 3D!Traverse Town = ???

[personal profile] justabignobody 2014-10-05 04:10 pm (UTC)(link)
[One would think that after nearly five years of world hopping-slash-too much of that being stuck in a horror tower, Riku would be relieved to return home, to stay there for a month or six and catch a well deserved breath. It's barely been a week since they all returned to Destiny Islands, since they got home and even though Riku is happy to be back, is relishing in just lying back in the sand and not worrying about the Organization (or about games and experiments that have a rather large chance of getting him injured, killed or worse), he's also feeling just a little restless, just a little disconnected from his home and the people around him.

(He hasn't told Sora or Kairi all that much about the tower, about the things that happened there, about the people he's connected to now that are somewhere out in their own world or in the mirror to these ones. He still doesn't know what to tell them or how – he doesn't know how to make them understand something he truly doesn't want them to understand. They are getting more and more curious by the day though and while he's done a superb job at it so far, he knows this is a conversation he can't dodge much longer.)

Tonight, that restlessness has driven him to finally slip out of his own world, into the tower and towards another world from there – he's been busy taking care of things in his own world and hasn't had much time to check in with anyone (and maybe talking with someone who does get it will help him figure out his own troubles now). He is a little surprised when he finds himself in the fairly familiar plaza of Traverse Town's first district, even if something feels just a little different to the last time he's been here, just a little off. He frowns to himself as he follows the backstreets and crosses his arms when he arrives at the Fountain Plaza, an eyebrow rising.]

Well... that's new. Interesting.

[It has him smiling now, the notion to explore those unfamiliar streets and districts is sparking at his curiosity, at the part of him that strives to see new things. He barely blinks when Highwind appears at his shoulder, not after the now years that he's had his Dream Eater partner, though he can't help shaking his head at the bat's excited chirping as it circles the roofs above his head.]

Well, aren't you being chipper today.

[More than usually anyways.]
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It's forever a mystery...

[personal profile] acceptedoblivion 2014-10-06 12:59 am (UTC)(link)
[The past year (he guesses, as time is fickle here as much as it had been in the worlds' dead state) has been a blur of traversing dream after dream, always finding himself back in the same world that he'd first awakened in after the worlds were restored. A far cry from the stark white halls of Castle Oblivion.

Newcomers came and went, moments continued anew... Yet only he seemed to recall the repetitive nature. Maybe it was just another cruel joke, like his waking within in the dream had been or his continued existence in that dream.

Though for the last few days, it seemed as though finally a chance to escape it could arise (other than that door he peered into once before). He wasn't the only one either observing or interfering with other people's dreams or nightmares. Even that strange guy with wings had latched onto them. Though considering who they were, it wasn't much of a surprise. Sora and Riku always did have that way with strays, especially Sora. Though he was beginning to worry for the guy (not that he would admit it) with what he'd seen.

Though another door opening down below inside the plaza? Now who in the many worlds and possible outcomes would be visiting him-?

... Of course it is.]

More than likely because he's in his own element.

[Ira stifles a bit of a smirk as he steps into plain sight on the balcony to the left, before jumping down to the street below.]

Or did you not notice that?

[It's been a while, Riku.]
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yep, too many variables and unkonws

[personal profile] justabignobody 2014-10-14 03:17 pm (UTC)(link)
[Well, dreams do tend to come in all kind of shapes and colors – though Ira probably knows a lot more about that than Riku at this point.

If Riku is surprised by his replica's arrival and greeting he doesn't show as much. His smile widens though – it's been a long while since he has seen the other, and it's some relief to know that he seems to be doing well. (Or well. Well enough for someone who is supposed to have died, probably?)]

I was starting to suspect. So, this is the Realm of Sleep?

[It's not really a question; Riku has seen enough of the Realms of Light and Darkness, and the worlds that lie in between to sense a faint difference – and in at least most of the alternate universes he knows of, Traverse Town should have disappeared again.

This place is still sleeping.]
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at least this one is slightly more familiar than half of the crap in the tower

[personal profile] acceptedoblivion 2014-10-14 03:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah, you got it.

[And on the first guess, no less. Consider him vaguely impressed. The fact that Riku doesn't seem too surprised that he was still the same physical age as he was when he faded and was even smiling at least told him enough to narrow down which Riku from the tower that it was. (After all, even that other Riku likely would have his own Highwind in here.)]

Little surprising to see this place still exists in dreams, huh?
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[Well, it's not a hard guess to make given the information he got on Dream Eaters from Dax and what Master Yen Sid had been able to elaborate upon later on. And well, given the snark it's really not that hard for him to guess who he's facing here either.]

A bit. Though I guess it makes sense in hindsight.

[Nothing and nobody just disappears after all, even upon death. Ira himself would be the best example of that.]

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I'm laaaaaate

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[personal profile] capax_infiniti 2014-10-13 07:42 am (UTC)(link)
[Sometimes there's moments when one simply has to reflect. Planning and time aside, there are moments when one has to reflect on the why, the desire for understanding, the quest for knowledge.

Each time, a new world, an unknown location to explore. A fresh start to refresh, to remember what it feels like to learn something new, to make a mental mark where there was none before. Soon enough, he will finally come into the knowledge he desires. Until then, smaller victories, conquests in understanding, opening new doors and finding new questions to ask...

the road is long and dark, the way he prefers, and he strides along it without fear. His mind and heart wander, though he is cautious to keep from ending up there. Where he goes, he truly has no idea until he arrives. The nature of the world doesn't matter. Light and Darkness are all the same. While he shrouds himself with Darkness, he has little preference overall. Each world holds its own mysteries, to shy away due to the prevalence of Light would be foolish.

The Corridor terminates and he steps through the yawning iris of Darkness. What looks to be the ruins of a forest... the ground has been riven, exposing the roots of colossal trees, creating upper ledges that are far enough raised that one could possibly jump if they so desired to the shaded lower earth. The sounds of creatures can be heard all around... native beasts, adapted well enough to the unusual structures of the world they inhabit, seemingly. The air around him feels charged, as thick as syrup even if there's no hindrance or seeming effect. For all the destruction wrought, life has continued on, whatever peculiar energy this world produced suffusing everything around him.

He walks, not caring if the beasts notice him - they are easily enough dispatched by blade if they get too close, and those that attempt to attack from afar suffer magical malady. There are crude bridges laid out, whoever lived - lives? - here had attempted to make do with the configuration of the land. Wending his way across the fractured sections of ground, something catches his eye.

Impressively huge, it towers over the tatters of earth, obscured faintly by mist. Once a part of something round judging by the shape, an ominously patterned fragment, clearly not natural... perhaps the something that resulted in what had caused the land to heave as it had. While his skin still prickles from the palpable charge in the air, looking at this monolith sends a shiver down his spine. Soft awe washes across his features, his gaze turning appreciative.

He's seen many a ruin, but this is definitely something new.

There appears to be a blemish, in the surface, something glowing blue and hinting at further designs within. A point of entry, or merely damage? Either way, his desire to know has been kindled. Whatever this is, it seems to warp the world around it, as boulders hang in air without any means of suspension. Powerful magic is at play here, and given how the very air itself carries magical residue that's clearly saying something.

Slowly he begins to pick his way closer to the mega-structure and the secrets it would reveal.]
alisaie: (Words without sound)

[personal profile] alisaie 2014-10-13 08:12 am (UTC)(link)
[As he nears the entrance, Xehanort is likely to espy two individuals along the path. One....decidedly shorter in stature than the other, who seems to be lost in contemplation. It is unknown what lies ahead of her and her brother's adventurer friend, yet she cannot shake the desire to dive in and soon. Though of course, logic dictated that she wait for the adventurer to gather their comrades.... even if she knew one person who awaited them in the depths.


She turns to the taller woman, attempting to contain her excitement and personal feelings on the matter.]

Send word to Urianger and the Sons of Saint Coinach. I would have their input before our adventurer friends and I proceed.

["Right away, m'lady." Anaelle responded in kind before departing for a location where the linkshell would have less interference. Alisaie did not tend to linger long herself, lest she give in to the temptation. However the sensation of being watched by another presence gave her cause to give pause. Who on Hydaelyn's green earth could have made it past the guards stationed on the only path here?

Needless to say, she turns to take a look, one hand subconsciously reaching towards her tome in case whomever it was happened to be hostile.]
capax_infiniti: (I LIKE TO SING'A)

[personal profile] capax_infiniti 2014-10-13 08:33 am (UTC)(link)
[Voices catch his attention, yellow eyes scanning before settling on two figures further up. The voices are high-pitched - women - though one has a definite higher-pitched edge to it. Quite young, in comparison to the other.

The elder breaks away, and with how open things are there are very little places to hide. A careful application of time and movement, and he skips himself from ahead of her to behind her before he can truly register to her sight. Pausing until the footsteps are further past, he continues to make his way.

There's still the younger of the two, whose features become more apparent as he draws closer. Her hair is pure white and rather unkempt, bound into a tight ponytail that slinks its way down to her neckline. Amusingly enough, her ears are an echo of his own, though much more dramatically pointed, and he's more than certain that in her case that it's natural. His eyes flick across her, quickly assessing - the strange object strapped across her front is curious, but he doesn't allow himself to dwell on it. There's a set to her features that he's familiar with...

A girl on a mission. Is it the same mission as the one he's given himself? Perhaps, if she's out here. Given the other's departure, there is some sort of coordination going on.

Movement, her hand reaching down... to whatever manner of object was slung about her waist. A weapon? Perhaps... though given the high saturation of magical energy he would have thought that using spells would be the primary form of offense.

He doesn't halt his own progress though, and would very well continue past her with little thought. Testing her mettle... is she likely to strike out, or will she attempt some manner of parlay? It should be quite the show, either way. A slight smile curves the corners of his lips.]
alisaie: (These trials dissuade us not)

[personal profile] alisaie 2014-10-13 09:09 am (UTC)(link)
[For a moment she is caught off guard by the physical similarities between this stranger and a face she has not seen in five years. The yellow eyes, not to mention his rather... outlandish garb put her mind to relative ease, though the fact he had gotten to this point with little to no trouble at all gave rise to new concern. This man had to be of considerable strength to have been able to withstand the amount of corrupted aether that loomed over the area.

Yet he did not seem to make a move against her just yet. Judging by his stance he too was observing the other - herself in this case. Perhaps it was to see if she would attempt to speak her way around any potential act of violence, or if she would be the first to lash out. A typical elder response if she ever did see one. Still, she did not particularly seek conflict with an unknown foe. Striking out in a fight or flight mechanism would be rather foolish at this stage, even as he moved to pass her.

Sigh. Ordinarily she would have her brother seek to parley, though with the situations as they were it was no longer an option for the diplomat to handle this. She would have to do this herself, just as she has for the many moons since their sibling spat in the Quicksand.]

You must be of great magical fortitude to withstand the aetheric pressure of a site akin to this. [She comments somewhat offhanded, as though stating an obvious fact.] However, t'would be ill-advised for any one individual to proceed alone into these depths.

[Was it of concern or indignation that she spoke out? It was anyone's guess, though admittedly she has no indication of where his loyalties lie. What purpose would have driven him to come here of all places? Would he be friend or foe? None of the answers were clear, and she wasn't about to let anyone make a fool's errand of a trip into the Coils.]
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Dear sister~

[personal profile] alphinerd 2014-10-13 05:17 pm (UTC)(link)
[Alphinaud didn't typically make his concerns about his sister's wellbeing known. A simple check-in here or there, indirectly and without Alisaie's knowledge, was enough to satisfy him. He was confident that she could handle herself well enough - she always had been stubborn and argumentative, and he knew that this alone could get her by.

Even so, she was family. They had grown up together, and even their own grandfather had attempted to maintain their unity in the gift of tomes. Surely family could take time to get together on such an occasion as a remembrance of those lives lost in the Calamity, yes?

Alphinaud likely looks out of place among the adventurers adorned in the traditional Moonfire Faire attire, considering he isn't wearing it himself. Still, observing the festivities leaves a somewhat warm feeling in his heart. Their grandfather had loved these people dearly enough to sacrifice himself for them, and he's finally begun to see why. The fireworks bursting up through the sky from out in La Noscea, the people popping corks on bottles of spirits, the laughter and celebration and moments of somber reflection. All are indicative of an undeniable spirit, a flame that refuses to be extinguished.

Those fireworks light up his face as he waits at the Aftcastle, leaning on a railing and watching the brilliant display.]
alisaie: (And {our bodies} forsaken...)

...oh. Hello, brother. :|

[personal profile] alisaie 2014-10-13 09:54 pm (UTC)(link)
[Alphinaud was not the only one who kept concerns over the other's well being to themselves. She had, after all, watched from afar the events that had transpired. Perhaps even begun to see what he had seen in those adventurers they had continuously run into when they had first arrived in Eorzea. Of course only Urianger was very briefly told a semblance of this, as she did so attempt to keep her inquiries to a minimum.

Though perhaps this evening would be different, as she looked out amongst the crowd of adventurers in the more traditional garb associated with the Moonfire Faire. There was work to be done, however... today was one day she could put that aside. She was not one to let her comrades go without a moment's reprieve, after all. Especially during a true remembrance of those who gave their lives or were lost in the wake of the Calamity some six years prior.

It was also a convenient time to meet with family, as she was indeed looking amongst the crowd of adventurers and Lominsans alike. That those she espied were enjoying themselves left behind a lukewarm feeling, for while she knew moments like these were reasons their grandfather had given his life... she could not help but be selfish and wish she could have shared a moment of watching the fireworks with their grandfather one last time.

Though no sooner had the thought crossed her mind than she had at last found her brother at the railing. Much as her heart would want to linger on such desires (and likely would later), she knew it best to focus on her sibling first.]

...Brother? [She only said in hopes of announcing her presence before falling into place beside him. To an ordinary bystander, it likely seemed as though the two had never been apart.] I do hope I have not kept you waiting long.

[A semi-truth. Honestly she was not quite certain how best to proceed when she received the request from Urianger, but at least for his sake was the notion humoured. He had been putting up with her stubbornness for quite some time, after all.]
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[personal profile] alphinerd 2014-10-14 02:49 am (UTC)(link)
[Perhaps a part of inviting Alisaie here had been in an attempt to recompense for the offensive nature of the previous remembrance ceremonies they had attended. A peace offering, if you will. That had been the day that their ideals had parted ways. Mayhap this day, at least for the night, they could put those differences aside.

His sister's voice brings Alphinaud's attention away from the fireworks. He turns, offering Alisaie a small smile, full well knowing that their last meeting face-to-face had been awkward at best.]

Nary a bell, sister. [He shifts his weight, standing more upright with his hands flat on the railing.] It's quite a lively celebration, isn't it?
alisaie: (Lost in hope {we lie defeated})

[personal profile] alisaie 2014-10-14 10:27 pm (UTC)(link)
[Whatever the intent of his invitation here may be, there they both were. In the same general vicinity (and likely with servants biting their nails or otherwise bracing themselves as to how this will turn out to be). For now, she could play along with the niceties.

Alisaie opens her mouth ever so slightly, as if she were going to speak before deciding against it and placing a hand on the railing while turning slightly to look out amongst the crowd. Perhaps she could smile in turn were she not looking at him directly, ignore the anger-filled words she'd spoke during their last meeting.]

Quite. It is plain they did not neglect in any minute detail. [Even the fireworks.]

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Rekindle version going to the FF XIV world. Use anyone Yu want

[personal profile] callmewhateveryuwant 2014-10-15 01:26 am (UTC)(link)
World hopping was a normal thing when it came to Yu Narukami but he drew the line when he wasn't prepared for the travel. It was easier on the train since he fell asleep but this time, it felt like he was ripped right out of the city and into...wait...where the hell was he?

And secondly, why was he feeling so lightheaded?

It only took one step before he fell over and collapsed, hoping that it was a dream and he would wake up back in bed or maybe curled up against Shinju in cat form. But as Yu was passed out, a familiar black ball of fur popped out of his jacket pocket and started poking his owner, meowing loudly as if he thought he could hear him.

Possible that someone else also heard Banchou cry out and the weird teenager passed out in god knows where.
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RNG said blackmage jesus (blame the FC)

[personal profile] litbydark 2014-10-16 03:08 pm (UTC)(link)
It was not oft that she made her way through Pearl Lane, having already been branded by her countrymen as no longer one of them. Yet it was the shortest route to the marketplace from the weaver's guild, and her retainer had much of her cloth...

With hood up, she started heading that way... only to notice an unfamiliar face. Ordinarily this would not be too odd a sight, as new adventurers flocked to Ul'dahn streets in search of either fortune or fame, but being unconscious so close to where common thieves lingered was not the best idea. ...Especially if one did not want to lose their clothing.

Kneeling down beside the young boy, she decided to aide the kitten in awakening what was apparently its owner?

"Ye best wake, sir. T'is no place for a rest...."
callmewhateveryuwant: (Fallen)

[personal profile] callmewhateveryuwant 2014-10-17 07:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Banchou looked up and noticed the woman beside him, scampering back to the pocket where he came from just as the kid stirred a little. He thought he heard his kitten cry out but who was that other voice...? Was it another voice or was he dreaming again?


Five more minutes Shinju, don't need to work today. And if this is supposed to be payback for sleeping on his face in cat form, not funny.
litbydark: (uncertain ❄ don't make a face)

[personal profile] litbydark 2014-10-27 11:17 am (UTC)(link)
Ugh, for the love of the Twelve... this was one stubborn and deep sleeper if she ever did see one. For a moment, she was nearly tempted to dump a vial of distilled water on his face, but going outside the city to mine for more on her tight schedule was something she would rather not have to do. Instead she opts for placing a hand on the boy's shoulder, shaking it a little roughly.

"Oi, lad!" Shake, shake. "This is not the place for a five bell rest."

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Post-Animus Xion + Stings/Prom!Aqua

[personal profile] attheclocktower 2014-12-17 09:41 pm (UTC)(link)
[... huh. She seems to have taken a wrong turn somewhere.

Xion lifted the device she had strapped around her wrist and tapped at it, a bit bemused. She and DJ had been working on this project for a while, now that things had settled down. Xion had realized that while the Tower was great for keeping in touch... There were so many restrictions. Friends of friends could never meet. If any of them ever had kids... not to mention when the original generation of Tower Residents...

It was too soon to think about that. Xion didn't like it. But all the same, she was still really concerned. And so she'd decided to go back into the research she'd said she do anyway - trying to traverse to different universes without using the Tower hub. It was tricky enough - half the time she accidentally fell back on the remnants of Zo's power without realizing and made a door where she'd wanted to go. But slowly she'd made progress, gotten better, until she was pretty sure she'd found a way to use purely the corridors that were native to her own world to reach another universe.

The only question after that had been how to make sure she was going to the right place.

She'd worked with DJ, and Aria a bit too, when she could be spared from things that needed doing around Hyrule. And eventually they'd been able to the make the device she was now wearing - a mix of Tower-based designs and technology and some of Xion's own world's - Using connections of the heart to find the correct universe to land in.

The watch had told her there was someone here, someone she had a connection with. But when she'd exited her trans-universe corridor she'd found herself in... a place she'd never been before. Dark, very dark, with a hostile tension in the air, as if she didn't belong. The tension had eased a little when she'd reached the moonlit beach, but it was still no more familiar.

Had she ended up in the wrong place? With a sigh she lowered her watch again, looking around. It couldn't hurt at least, to try to find someone, though her hopes were not high. It had only been the first experiment. Maybe a bit more fine-tuning was needed...]

Hello? Is anyone here?
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there be too many games in here (and i don't mean the canon)

[personal profile] followthehearts 2014-12-17 10:49 pm (UTC)(link)
[Of all her wanderings, she'd come to realize that so far this beach was the most calm in terms of monster activity. Of course, over time she learned to call them by the name of "Heartless" thanks to her visits to other worlds, but to many, she wasn't supposed to have this knowledge.

Nor was she "supposed" to know what was likely going on as she sat here, trying to rest between the fights between her and the Heartless. Respite was rare, as were any whispers of voices she could recall. A voice that didn't exist only by the sheer force of bonds, though? What was even more rare since she and the cloaked man had parted ways.

Needless to say she nearly jumps, turning and ready to summon Master Keeper if necessary.]

Who's there?
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Mom don't be angry she's here to help :<

[personal profile] attheclocktower 2014-12-17 10:58 pm (UTC)(link)
[That sharp voice, in turn, makes Xion actually jump and look around, trying to pinpoint the source. She glances down at the watch again but no, it only really gave directions in the corridor. She'd need to find who it was herself. She was pretty sure she recognized that voice.

Taking a few steps forward, looking around - and in fact those few steps helped her clear the hill of sand that'd separated them from seeing each other. She turns to stare fully, eyes wide.]


[The question, as always, was which one?]
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Oh bb, mom is not mad just cranky :<

[personal profile] followthehearts 2014-12-17 11:24 pm (UTC)(link)
[It's a tense moment as she shakes off any potential sleepiness, squinting and trying to get a look over the hill. Now that she thought on it, the voice was familiar to her. In dreams, other worlds... She had a feeling it was from one of the two, but which-?

Taking a few steps as well to help clear the hill of sand, her eyes widen and a small smile tries to cross her lips on instinct.]

...Xion? [How is she-? Wait, that would be a dumb question. Xion was one of those people who could manipulate the darkness to travel from place to place. The more accurate question would be: which Xion is she?

She pauses to study the other, subtly pinching herself to make sure this isn't a dream- ow, no. No, it is not. This is real; it's happening.]

Well, you seem to know me... but which "me"?

[Because let's face it, while she hasn't had the pleasure of meeting another of herself, she's seen enough multiples of the others to know better than assume it's a version of one of those she's met right off the bat if they "shouldn't" know her but do.]

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heismymission: okay dying has stopped that's good (g: aw jesus)


[personal profile] heismymission 2015-02-28 07:44 am (UTC)(link)
[Bucky doesn't know where he is; he only knows that he's cold, he's tired, and he's been running for days. His super soldier stamina can only maintain him for so long without proper rest and sustenance, and he's nearing his limit. Even having said things forced with drugs and fluids would be better than his current situation, with his mechanical arm nearly useless and the rest of his limbs not much better, tattered clothes barely providing any warmth.

The cool wind coming from the ocean doesn't help, and a shiver runs through him as he approaches the docks, staring at the lone ship anchored there. It's shelter, possibly food, possibly warmth. He doesn't know yet if he wants to risk that those who own it might be them--any of his pursuers, whatever their affiliation--as he thinks he'd rather starve than be captured. Despite that, his body's desperation drives him to approach and at least see what kind of people are on board.

((lol what is knowledge about ffxiv i hope this is cool??))]
motherofexiles: («sᴇᴇᴋɪɴɢ ᴀsʏʟᴜᴍ»)

(you're fine let's do a thing)

[personal profile] motherofexiles 2015-02-28 08:19 am (UTC)(link)
[As he boards the small boat that could barely be called a lifeboat at best, eyes are already on him. Weak from hunger and many moons at sea however has left most weary, if not in worse condition than the unknown man. The keen observation of a metal arm was unnerving as well, especially to the few younglings on board who learnt to hide at the sight of anything metal.

They make no movements, and while the armed shinobi prepare to pull out their daggers in defense, they remain hidden in the shadows. At least, until word is sent to their leader. A man with a mask over the lower half of his face steps out of the hull's shadows holding the first handful of the hundreds of survivors. He says nothing, however. No... it's a voice behind the soldier who addresses the new arrival.]

Whither thou goest thou shall not find...amenable.

[Says a male voice coming from a building near the docks, standing watch over the boat from the doorway.]

Might I inquire as to what tis thou art seeking?
heismymission: i'm so fucking done with this mission (g: let me off)


[personal profile] heismymission 2015-02-28 08:37 am (UTC)(link)
[It certainly doesn't seem like anything worth keeping his guard up over, if he had the ability to turn that off at all. Unfortunately, the fatigue has dulled his senses and he doesn't hear the person behind him approach until he hears the voice.

He turns, immediately but not fully, to observe the man as his breath quickens. His working fist clenches, but with how he's shivering it's barely noticeable.

Though he's been nearly paranoid about everything and everyone for a long while, he doesn't figure honesty is going to hurt him at this point. He swallows before he speaks, though it doesn't help his voice come out any smoother.]