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Sora ([personal profile] crowncharm) wrote in [community profile] sunset_horizons 2014-06-08 04:47 am (UTC)

6 - catch all. @_@ I hope I don't suck

[It's a good thing that the celebration is over, because something is stuck in Sora's mind and won't leave him alone.

Well. Two somethings - those two people in the dream that had called him 'Ven', and odd feeling it had stirred within him.

Who were those two? And why had they called him Ven? Who was Ven? Why had hearing that caused an odd, warm feeling to form under his confusion? Why had he been scared when they started to walk away?

Why had the looked so 'familiar'? The woman, he remembered vaguely from when he was four, but the man...?

'He kinda felt like Riku...' The same sort of presence, anyway. His voice had seemed really familiar, too, kind of like--

The man in the armor. His voice was almost the same as the guy that felt like Riku.

Could it...? ... ...

Someone needs to snap Sora out of his thoughts; it almost never ends well.]

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