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[To even be back was something of a shock for her, yet when Sora had approached her about designing masks and things for the party... well, who was she to refuse? And it would have been rude not to attend... even if she simply just wanted to fade into the background and watch as everyone had their fun. Maybe even make sure none of the others added... something... to the punch.

Though what certainly felt like everyone pulling into conversations about their pasts and asking about her powers made her go pale as a sheet. No. No, no no no no. The amount of "do not want" over mentioning how she was, at best, a tool for several people for most of her life was not something she wanted to mention or relive.

The hand on her shoulder nearly made her jump a little, but when she looked up to see Aqua, part of her relaxed a little.]

Oh... okay. [She nods faintly, waving a little to her peers before willingly letting her be dragged to the side by one of their soon-to-be teachers. It was oddly easy enough to fall into a chat with her over almost nothing, a faint hint of what she supposes could be embarrassment crossing her face.]

Y-yes. [A bold-face lie if there ever was one.] It's just... being back here, hearing their stories when I...

[Her quiet voice trails off even more.]

...It's difficult to put to words, Master.

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