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weird mix of 4 and 17, why not

[it had started out well enough. Aqua couldn't remember the last time her home had seen this much activity, even well before the events leading up to her...prolonged vacation. but a party of this size and volume is a nice change, as odd as it may clash with her memories of the hall's silence and almost intimidating emptiness. bringing several new students and celebrating the revival of the Keyblade legacy is enough reason for a party like this, let alone a homecoming ten or more years overdue.

it was either Ven or Sora's idea - or maybe both - for the masks and formal dress. not that their identities were very well hidden, but the immediate rush of new and potential students clinging to and clustering around Aqua was something she could do without for an evening. ( feels really nice to dress up from time to time.)

being a teacher, she's vigilant even when she's not 'working'. so when a gang of students are grouped tightly around Naminé by the buffet, pestering her about her powers and story and clearly making her uncomfortable, Aqua swoops in without second thought.]

Excuse me.

[in one swift movement, Aqua's arm is around Naminé's shoulder, and she squeezes slightly to send a signal, smiling at the crowd all the while.]

I'm sorry to say that Naminé is needed over here with us for a moment. We'll bring her back soon.

[an utter lie.

without further ado, Aqua gracefully leads Naminé away, still firmly guiding her with that arm and chatting amiably about nothing until they both get far enough away and hidden behind a pillar. then Aqua lets out an almost uncharacteristically melodramatic sigh and smiles gently.]

Are you alright?

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